Friday, 8 May 2020

Some Art

Hello! A food free post. Over the last year, I have really gotten in to art. Not doing it, as you will see my skills are limited. But there are so many wonderful artists out there, and I love supporting them by buying beautiful prints for my walls. Well, my one day walls. I still have to get some frames. And also get those frames on the walls. And also I have limited wall space. But, you know.

So here is some art that I have recently bought. There is more that I will share in future posts - right now I am waiting on deliveries from three different artists! But please enjoy these.

BunnyDee: My favourite artist is BunnyDee. I have a whole lot of her art, and I have shared some here before. Here I am sharing her beautiful Tarot Cats, which is a gorgeous tarot deck, with a cute little Cat Love Pin. Also one of her beautiful Luna Cat prints and her Koala print that was fundraising for the Australian bushfires earlier this year. The beautiful tortie girl cart was a gift from Danielle for supporting her - so sweet!

Tarot Cats by Bunny Dee

Bunny Dee

Kat Goodies: Kat is an wonderful artist who you can follow on Instagram. Her shop doesn't sell prints, however I was lucky enough to win an Instagram contest where I got to choose two prints, plus some stickers and pins, and she sent me a couple of extra prints as well. All prints were Buffy related. Here are three of them, which I have framed, and I just need to get up on the wall.

Kat Goodies Buffy Prints

Jen Bartel: Jen Bartel is amazing. I have a few of her pieces, but the one I will share right now is my Captain Marvel Don't Tell Me To Smile print. This is one I have framed and have up, because it didn't involve hanging on the wall. I love her!

Jen Bartel Captain Marvel

Karen Hallion: I have been obsessed with Karen Hallion's Buffy Slay print ever since I saw it a couple of years ago. I ended up getting it as a small print for postage reasons, and now I can finally get it on my wall! She has an amazing series of women characters and inspiring characterists. Does anyone else here watch the new Shera? It is amazing, and the final series is about to come out on Netflix this month. Anyway, I also got a Shera Power print. And a Dr Ellie Sattler print because I love Jurassic Park and Ellie Sattler and Laura Dern.

Karen Hallion print

Kerin Cunningham: Kerin does such beautiful and ethereal work. I was stoked to be able to get my hands on some of her prints, and her pins.

Kerin Cunningham art

Here is a bonus close up of that Kerin Cunningham pin, alongside a Jen Bartel pin.

Jen Bartel and Kerin Cunningham pins

Me: Please behold this doodle I did of a cat with my eyes closed for some reason.

Cat drawn with my eyes closed

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it is different from the usual food related stuff, but sometimes a little change is nice. Plus... pretty art!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim Portrait

If you were wondering where Dim Sim's Papadore Art portrait is, it is here. I have already shared this about six months ago, as this was one of my birthday presents. But it is so gorgeous, worth another share.


  1. I love art, but I am the worst at it myself. Your doodle with your eyes closed is a million times better than what I could do with my eyes open!
    The Dim Sim portrait is so gorgeous!
    I just had a man tell me to smile as I was taking my walk the other day. It enrages me every time!

    1. I have been told to smile so many times by random men and it annoys me to no end that my automatic reflex is to smile at them and not to just fire them into the sun.

  2. Oh my goodness, that cat tarot! I think I've determined the next new deck I'll get!
    Sweet Dim Sim, such a lovely portrait!

    1. It is such a lovely deck, I highly recommend it!

  3. I know what you mean about not getting stuff up on the wall! I have all kinds of things I want to frame and haven't gotten to it. But this long season at home has me finally getting to a lot of things, and maybe it will end up with wall hangings for both of us.

    1. I've ordered some frames just this week, so hopefully I will be able to get some things up in the next couple of weeks. At least a start!