Thursday, 14 May 2020

Midweek Munchies

Hello friends! Let's see some random stuff I ate earlier this year.

As I have mentioned previously, I love cherry chocolate as a flavour combination. So I was happy to find these chocolate covered cherries. Sadly, I was not as happy to eat them. The cherries were not tart, the chocolate was very thick and very sweet, their idea of dark does not match my idea of dark. There were not bitter or angry, but alas I was.

Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

Tried this Super Nature SuperFoods (so much super) microwave meal one day. Tofu and green tea noodles and veggies (of course I picked out the capsicum) sounded great. It was fine, the sauce didn't have much flavour. And it was a small serving size for me. It is available in Coles and Woolworths, so good if you are in a pinch.

Super Nature Frozen Meal

I got this microwave Carrot and Ginger soup on sale at a discount store, which was exciting. I always get excited to find vegan soups that don't have coconut or chili in them! The soup itself is pretty good, needs a little more seasoning. But take care when trying to take this out of the microwave. The whole thing gets so hot, and you have to take off the special lid which is really hard. Much chance for scalding! But then you get a tasty soup. I served with some grilled cheese and cucumber slices.

La Zuppa Microwave Soup

Baked potato time! You know I love some baked potato action for lunch. This one was topped with some tinned baked beans that I added some nutritional yeast to while I was heating them up, some coleslaw that I had leftover from another recipe, some BBQ sauce, and some bacon bits. I do love the combination of creamy crunchy cool slaw on top of a hot potato.

Baked Potato with Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Bacon Bits

Here are some more overnight oats I made with that sweet potato powder I posted about a few weeks ago. This was where I hit my stride, making Sweet Potato Raspberry Peanut Butter overnight oats. I added some frozen raspberries to the overnight oat mix, so they were defrosted by the morning and have given everything a beautiful tangy raspberry swirl. As you can see, I didn't have any fresh berries when I made this. But the frozen raspberries made up for that. How did it take me so long to realise frozen raspberries brighten up everything? I love them so much in overnight oats now. Plus they make it all pink!

Sweet Potato Raspberry PB Overnight Oats

I mentioned in a recent post about how much I enjoyed the Fry's Mediterranean frozen pizza, which had no capsicum or chili! So I was excited to find them on half price sale at Coles and bought two of them. Then I opened one and... that's not Mediterranean! Both boxes had their Smoky BBQ flavour inside instead! Which I specifically hadn't bought because it is covered in capsicum. I reached out to Fry's, and they were going to investigate and also sent me some Woolworths gift cards to make up for it, which was very sweet. Anyway, I had the pizza, I was going to eat it, I was going to pick off every piece of capsicum. It was fine. The main reason I hadn't bought it was all the capsicum, but the BBQ sauce and strips were nice. I ate it with some ranch sauce to dip in. I recently learned about this from some American friends, and it is an excellent idea.

Fry's Not Mediterranean Pizza

Fry's BBQ Pizza with ranch

Earlier this year, I went to a Buffy trivia night after work that was held at a sports bar called The Sporting Globe Bar and Grill in Chermside. Can you even imagine going to such an event these days? I was skeptical about food, but checked out the menu online before hand and was surprised to see some vegan options. The main vegan options are Loaded Buffalo Fries (no thank you spicy), a Vegan Burger, and a vegan option on a veggie parma. As it was cheap burger night, I got the burger! It was your standard sort of vegan cheeseburger, and there is nothing wrong with that. Hit the spot.

Vegan Burger at The Sporting Globe Bar and Grill

Finally, some fun things I bought at Woolworths, back when it was safe to have a meander through the aisles to see what sort of vegan products were around. I got a few things on sale, and also found a few new things as well! Keep an eye out for my reviews of these in upcoming midweek munchies posts!

Woolworths Fun Buys

Oh hey, remember the little possum in the bucket from last week? I am happy to report that we have managed to successfully grow a possum! That photo was from a few months ago, this photo is from a few weeks ago. Look how cute and big then are! One of the things I love is how much my dad is fond of the possum. When he first found them in the bucket, he was worried about what to do. Nothing, the possum isn't stuck, they are just snoozing in the bucket. He has since moved the hook the bucket hangs on to be closer to the lattice to make it easier for the possum to get in and out, and checks on them regularly to see if they are there.

Possum in bucket

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Just look at how cute my baby is! Every time I look at her I can barely believe I am so lucky to share my life with her.


  1. Frozen berries are so great! You can also microwave them for a bit and then mash them up and you have stewed berries, which are great on pancakes and stuff. Looking forward to your munchies reviews!

    I think your possums are cuter than ours! But our possums have a special place in my heart for the way the mothers carry all their babies on their backs--it's really something to see.

    1. American possums certainly seem to be protrayed as scarier than ours, and ours are definitely fluffier, but I do love the US possums.

  2. I had a baked potato for lunch today too and it was good, except now I can't stop singing the thank you baked potato song! ah well.

    boo about the cherries, I love cherry + chocolate too but not overly sweet crap.

    1. I had to look up the Thank You Baked Potato Song, how fun! I watched the one with Brian May and the one with Rick Astley.

  3. Your baked potato looks amazing! And how odd about the pizza mix-up! The possum is so cute, and Dim Sim is so precious!

    1. The pizza mix up was strange. When I first messaged them they responded saying 'sometimes it doesn't look like it does on the box', and I had to message them back saying 'that isn't the problem, it is the completely wrong flavour!'. I imagine the whole batch was like that.

  4. I love a good stuffed baked potato! And I agree cool slaw is a great topper!
    I miss meandering so badly!! I hate shopping now so much!
    I love that your dad loves the baby possum!!
    Hi beautiful Dim Sim!!!

    1. Shopping is so stressful now. I want to go back to happy days!

  5. Oh, my goodness. What a cute possum! Love!