Monday, 18 May 2020

Eating Out*: Izakaya Midori

Back in January. Though as of two days ago in my state (Queensland) restaurants are allowed to have a maximum of 10 people dining in, as long as they maintain social distancing of at least 1.5m and don't exceed the one person per four square meters rule. We are now also allowed to travel up to 150km away from our homes (increased from 50km) for day trips and recreation. Though I will not be eating out or going far for the forseeable future until we see if easing restrictions causes a second wave of COVID.

I have posted about Izakaya Midori a number of times before. This amazing little vegan Japanese restaurant is tucked away down on The Gold Coast, but is well worth seeking out. Previously, I had only been there for lunch, but I was really keen to be able to get down and try their dinner menu. So one day earlier this year, Mum and I hopped in the car on a Monday afternoon and headed down for an early dinner to beat the traffic. We ordered a lot!

First up was the Tsukemono Moriawase, which were pickled vegetables. Having had pickled vegetables before at Japanese places, these were unlike anything I had tried. A selection of housemade pickles, they were lovely. Though I left the kimchi and the one next to it for my mum, they were both quite spicy!

Tsukemono Moriawase at Izakaya Midori

I was a bit worried about ordering Eringi X - kind oyster mushrooms in XO sauce - as XO sauce is generally very spicy. However, I am happy to report that this one was not. Very mild, but nothing painful. The mushrooms were so beautiful and juicy.

Eringi X at Izakaya Midori

When we ordered Ebi Fries on the Nest, I had no real idea what that was. Only when it came did I find out from my mum (who speaks Japanese fluently) and also from looking at it that it was vegan prawns, which I don't normally like. I don't know what they used as the prawns, but these had none of the gross fake seafood taste. They were just juice and crunchy, served with a wasabi tartare sauce and over some fried soba sticks with curry powder... oh my god those were amazing. So crunchy, lovely Japanese curry flavour, I wish they just sold those soba sticks as snacks!

Ebi Fries on the Nest at Izakaya Midori

I've had the Nasu Miso Den several times before, but you have to order it. Who can say no to eggplant in sweet miso sauce? Not me! It also comes with a yuba spritz which lifts the flavour. This is delicious every single time.

Nasu Miso Den at Izakaya Midori

The Nigiri Omakase (progressive sushi) was just a stunning plate of chef created sushi, and every single thing on it was divine. During the lunch menu, you can get sushi rolls, but this is next level fancy sushi that is only available at dinner. The chef decides what they are making that day, so it might be different from this, but it will always be good.

Nigiri Omakase at Izakaya Midori

At lunch, the Gyozas are served as a slab of six or seven. At dinner, the Gyozaholic is a huge round of gyoza! They are connected by a crispy base that just melts in your mouth!

Gyozaholic at Izakaya Midori

Then there were the Corn Creamy Croquettes. I was super excited for these, but unfortunately they were pretty bland, and the fried coating was a bit too thick.

Corn Creamy Croquette at Izakaya Midori

Finally, the Terichiki is a must if you visit Izakaya Midori, it is just so delicious. On the lunch menu it is available as a don (bowl with rice and salad) or in sushi rolls, but at dinner you can get it served as a main. It is just the most beautiful teriyaki flavour and the texture is so good.

Terichiki at Izakaya Midori

We were extremely full, so we didn't get any dessert. Figuring we'd be back soon enough for another visit. Oh, how innocent we were!

Izakaya Midori has been operating the whole time offering their menu for takeaway, as well as having some special packs and bowls on there. As of this week, they will also be having spots for 10 people to dine in, as well as continuing their takeaway services.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Behold this unimpressed cat. Yesterday should have been Eurovision. I know so many events have been cancelled this year, but for me the one that really hurt was Eurovision. Eurovision is my Christmas. For the last five years Australia has been an entrant, which means we can vote, which means getting up for 5am live broadcasts. Normally yesterday I would have been up and ready for several hours of hijinx, crumpets, and silly tweets with my Eurovision friends. But no. Instead on Saturday night they had a special where they counted down all the songs in the order that Australia voted for them (the songs have been available for months), and then last night they aired an official Eurovision special. So instead of getting up early, I was instead up late. Both of these finished at 10.30pm, so I didn't get to bed until 11pm. Which is very late for us, and Dim Sim was not impressed!


  1. The plating on this is SO amazing! The food is utterly stunning.