Thursday, 30 May 2019

Midweek Munchies

Welcome to Midweek Munchies!

There is a chain of health food stores called Market Organics, and a while ago a new one opened up near my work... actually two of their locations are near two of our clinics! I stopped by on their opening day to have a look and pick up a few goodies, and brought this little haul home. As you can see, some fun stuff. And also a giant bottle of the magnesium supplement I take.

Haul from Market Organics Newmarket

Each of these stores also had a cafe run by Evolve Cafe in it as well, a vegetarian cafe with lots of vegan stuff. It turns out that Evolve has closed down due to financial difficulties, but Market Organics continues the cafes as their own. Unfortunately they have decreased the menu, and now serve meat as well. I haven't been back since to see if the cabinets full of vegan sandwiches, salads, and sweets are still there. When I was there, I didn't eat but I did grab a super fun smoothing, that tragically they have taken off the new menu. It was called Miso Happy, and it has miso, maca, peanut butter, banana, vanilla protein, and almond milk. The miso was a subtle salty taste that I liked. Though after a few sips it all just kind of became peanut butter and banana.

Miso Happy Smoothie at Market Organics Newmarket

One of the things I got was this Primal Jerky. It is quite sweet, even the original, though I enjoy it a lot. I really like the texture. My favourite flavour is the Teriyaki one, not pictured here. But it is AU$10 for a bag, and while they look big it is a case of big bag and tiny amount inside, so only sometimes.

BBQ Noble Jerky

I bought these Tigernuts because I had never heard of them and was intrigued. I really like them. They are a little bit nutty, a little bit sweet, kind of chewy. Also filling, so they make good snack.

Bundy's Tigernuts

And now, for a tragic tale. Funky Fields mince hit Woolworths a while ago. A vegan mince that was sold in the dead animal mince section, you know the drill. I wasn't that interested, but I grabbed a packet for super cheap on sale one day and stuck it in my freezer.

Funky Fields Vegan Mince

The day came to use it. It was weird looking, very meaty, right down to chunky white fatty bits in the mince. The mince hit the pan... what was that smell? Oh no. I hadn't checked the ingredients. Sure enough, they proudly announce on their website that their fat comes from... coconuts. Those little white fatty blobs? Coconut oil. I continued making it, and made quite a nice looking bolognese, but I couldn't eat it. One mouthful and I felt sick. My omni dad ate it, and even without coconut oil issues he wasn't a fan either (he is a big fan of the Beyond Burger). I packaged it up and froze the leftovers to give to a friend.

Funky Fields Mince Bolognese

And then I had this for dinner. As well as some peanut butter toast. Oh well.

McDougall's Chicken Sesame Soup and a dill pickle

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Check out this goofy face in the sunshine! Dim Sim has been pretty good the last few days!


  1. Vegan jerky can be so disappointing and it's really expensive so I can't remember the last time I've tried any!!
    That's too bad about the mince. I'm sure your friend was super excited!!
    I've been craving pickles so your dinner sounds perfect to me!!
    Dim Sim, I'm so glad you're having a good week!!

    1. I had a pickle and some olives for afternoon tea the other day, I just love the flavours.

  2. I recognised the packaging and sure enough Funky Fields are Naturli that we get here just with different branding! I've had the mince and found it ok. What a shame it had coconut in so you couldn't enjoy it. The best thing I have tried that they make is the falafel mix which is excellent and I say that as someone who is not much of a falafel fan. Tiger nuts are getting quite popular over here. You can buy tiger nut milk and even a Bailey's style liqueur made from them. I believe they are a Spanish thing.

    1. I have never seen anything other than plain tiger nuts here!
      How interesting about the different branding but same packaging. The only product they have here is the mince and a vegan buttery spread (also with coconut oil). Sounds like they have a much bigger range over there!

  3. Oooh what fun eats! I am always hesitant about vegan jerky because regular jerky was never a taste I got into. There is one type that I love but some of these flavors sound interesting. The tiger nuts sound so fun and I could totally go for a pickle now!

    Hi Dim Sim! So glad you are better!

    1. I love jerky but am picky about it. A lot of them are spicy as well, which is no good for me. I never ate jerky in my pre-vegan days, which I am glad about because it sounds gross.

  4. Supposedly if you get a horchata in Spain it is made with Tiger Nuts. I had them once, I got them in a Vegan Cuts Box (I think) and they were sliced. They weren't bad, but I haven't really seen them on shelves and the websites made them more expensive than they were worth.

    Stinks about that mince meat. T__T

    1. Oh interesting! I can't remember how much these were, but I can only imagine they were on the pricier side. I kind of want to make milk out of them now though!

  5. The bolognese looks great; that's too bad you weren't able to enjoy it, but I'm sure your friend appreciated it!
    Dim Sim, you are too cute!

    1. Coconut oil strikes again!
      She is so cute I can barely stand it!