Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Eating Out: PingAn Veggie Time

It's been a while, but I finally made my way back to PingAn Veggie Time, Brisbane's 100% vegan Thai restaurant. It is not really near my house, but it is close to one of our clinics so I took the opportunity to stop by there for lunch one day. I've only been here a couple of times before, but you can see those visits here.

They have a range of fun drinks, and I ordered a refreshing Lychee Drink with Fresh Lychees.

Lychee Drink with Fresh Lychees at PingAn Veggie Time

I was feeling pretty hungry, so I ordered two entrees. The Steamed BBQ Buns (big, soft, and yummy), and the Tofu Skewers with Peanut Sauce (delicious). I chomped those skewers straight down, I love the sauce. The BBQ buns were great, though by the time I ate one and my main, I was pretty full. Which was fine because I kept one and ate it later for afternoon tea at work and it was still great.

Steamed BBQ Buns at PingAn Veggie Time

Tofu Skewers with Peanut Sauce at PingAn Veggie Time

I chose my main off their lunch specials list, Veggies and Tofu with Mushroom Sauce and Rice. This ended up being fairly small, so it works well with getting an entree (or two, in my case, even if I did have to keep some for later). They always do cute shapes for their rice with the lunch meals, and this time I got a teddy bear. The sauce was lovely.

Veggies and Tofu with Mushroom Sauce Lunch Special at PingAn Veggie Time

PingAn Veggie Time - Shop 3/708 Sandgate Road, Clayfield, QLD - (07) 3262 6056

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Dim Sim sleeps on my lap. This particular afternoon, she decided to use my soft tummy as her pillow, which was very cute. She's not normally a pillow cat, that was Sahara's deal, but I am happy to have a tummy for her to use as she wishes.


  1. Oh wow this lunch sounds incredible! The skewers in peanut sauce sounds so perfect, I've been craving peanut sauce lately. The main sounds so good and omg that rice teddy bear is such an adorable touch! The lychee drink looks so refreshing and like a perfect complement to the meal.

    Dim SIm is so sweet! Kitty snuggles are so nice and comforting.

    1. Peanut sauce is one of the best sauces in life, it makes everything amazing!

      I love when she snuggles with me during the day.

  2. I am going to a Thai restaurant this weekend and I am overthinking the options lol. I hope they make a side of bear rice!

  3. The tofu skewers with peanut sauce look so good, and the teddy bear rice is adorable!
    Sweet cuddly Dim Sim!