Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Cruelty Free Shop May 2019 Vegan Mystery Box

The final box of my six month Christmas gift subscription arrived today for the Cruelty Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box. Let us see what is inside, what sort of note are we going out on?


  • Super Fudgio Peanut Salted Caramel Cream: Meh, caramel. But yay, peanut. They suggest that this is a creamy sweet treat snack on the go, but I can't imagine wanting to actually suck this down as I imagine it will be very sweet. I think it will be used as a topping for some sort of dessert.
  • Chow Cacao Peanut Butter Slab: I have had this before, but it is a bit of a let down for my own peanut butter chocolate hopes and dreams. Instead of having distinct peanut butter and chocolate parts, the peanut butter is mixed through the chocolate. So you end up losing a lot of that peanut butter taste.
  • Candy Lush Love Bear Lollies: I am not one for lollies, but these look super cute and fun and are made with fruit juice so I am hoping won't be too sweet. Vegan gummi bears!
  • Belladotti Bacon Bits: I have a packet of these in my cupboard already, and they are really good. Crunchy and bacony, they are excellent on all sorts of things. So I am glad to have more of them.
  • SuperOrb Mesquite, Oat, Cashew, Caramel Superfood Snack: That is a lot of things in that name, and there are even more in the ingredients! It seems to be a snack ball coated in 'wildcrafted chocolate' and then rolled in ground cashews, which wounds really interesting. Plus no coconut oil! Hurrah!
  • The Chocolate Yogi Hunny Bunny: This is honey comb shards inside a milky style chocolate, so you know what I am going to say. A bit too sweet for me!
  • Provamel Organic Soy Cream: I use soy creams in place of coconut cream in a lot of non-coconut requiring sauces and ice creams. Coconut cream and milk is a popular ingredient, but given my coconut fat intolerance I try and avoid it. If I'm making a curry or something that needs coconut milk, I just use a smaller amount of light coconut milk diluted with water. But that doesn't work for sauces or creams relying on coconut cream for the thickness rather than the taste. But I have found soy cream to be a great stand in, so hurrah!
  • Sweet & Sour Veggie Chips: The CFS is claiming these as a new product, but they have been available in the supermarkets for eons. Still, they are a tasty fun treat.
  • Leda Minton Biscuits: The stalwart, vegan mint slice. I am not normally a fan of chocolate and mint, but these get the mix just right. Also very popular with certain friends overseas!

A bit of a mixed bag. Nothing that blows me away, a couple of meh things, but overall pretty solid and some stuff I will get some good use and enjoyment out of. This will be my last mystery box post until next year, when I get my next subscription as a Christmas gift.

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Dim Sim

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  1. I am over the moon any time I find vegan gummies!! I usually have to try them if I see them.
    I've never had soy cream before. I actually didn't know it existed!
    Dim Sim you're so patient!!

    1. There are a couple of different soy cream brands available here, but they all seem to come from the UK or Europe. I assume soy creamer might be similar over there, though maybe not quite as thick?