Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Eating Out: Easy House Vegetarian (Christmas Day edition!)

Hello friends, and welcome to the new year. I hope the last week and a bit has been good for you, however you celebrated or didn't. My Christmas Day started as per usual, with a 7.30 bikram yoga class followed by a fruit platter at the studio. It was a fun class, and watermelon never tastes as good as when you have just done 90 minutes of yoga in a hot and sweaty room!

Normally we do a Christmas lunch at home, but this year we decided to buck tradition and had a reservation for lunch at Easy House Vegetarian. Regular readers will know that I love Easy House, and have enjoyed yum cha there many times. They are always open on Christmas Day, so why not?

It was me and my parents, so that made for three. Three is the perfect number of yum cha, as almost every little plate comes has three on it. So we were able to eat a lot! Starting with these Pan Fried Dumplings and Radish Cakes (I love radish cakes!).

Pan-Fried Dumplings and Radish Cake at Easy House

Food comes out fast at yum cha, and soon we had a full table. Another two of my favourites are the BBQ pork buns and the bean curd rolls, seen here with the satay skewers and black bean eggplant.

Satay Skewers, BBQ Pork Buns, Beancurd Rolls, Black Bean Eggplant at Easy House

Rice Paper rolls are always lovely and refreshing, and we also had some broccoli dumplings. Somehow we only had one plate of steamed dumplings during this visit, normally I get a few varieties.

Rice Paper Rolls at Easy House

Broccoli Dumplings at Easy House

They had a few specials for Christmas Day, including some lovely cabbage rolls with glass noodles and some steamed wontons.

Glass Noodle Cabbage Rolls at Easy House

Steamed Dumplings at Easy House

I also tried another dish I hadn't seen there before, bean curd skin. Simply a roll of sliced bean curd skin in a delicious sauce. So good! I love yuba. Mum and Dad also shared some XO noodles, which I skipped as they are too spicy for me. I didn't get a photo of those because they fell on them before I could! In their defence, I may have been distracted by my bean curd skin.

Bean Curd Skin at Easy House

We finished up with a few sweet treats. The steamed custard buns, and the mango pudding. I love the buns, but the mango pudding is my absolutely favourite. It is cold and sweet and the perfect way to end a whole lot of eating.

Steamed Custard Buns at Easy House

Mango Pudding at Easy House

It was an amazing lunch, and we were full for ages afterwards. The only downside was the driving. On the way down, there was a lot of congestion due to some previous accidents, so it took almost two hours! The way back was the usual 55 minutes of clear sailing, though I wanted to fall asleep thanks to all that delicious food I ate!

I have a bunch more Christmas, New Years, and wrap up posts in the works, so get ready for a lot of food!

Easy House Vegetarian Restaurant - 8/90 Markeri St, Mermaid Waters, QLD - (07) 5572 8808

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Meowy Catmas

Meowy Catmas!


  1. Happy New Year!I want everything you ate! It all looks so delicious! What was the sauce on the cabbage rolls?
    I still have never ha a radish cake and I so desperately want to try one!
    I love the picture! Meowy Belated catmas Dim Sim!

    1. It was some sort of savoury vegan oyster sauce type thing. So good!
      We have to sort out this radish cake situation for you!!!

  2. Oh, wow, everything looks incredible; what a perfect Christmas lunch! And that's a great picture of you and Dim Sim! I'm guessing she didn't mind the Santa hat as much as being a unicorn, haha!

    1. The Santa hat was a delight compared to the unicorn hoodie! She'd prefer to be a cat though. ;)