Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Cruelty Free Shop December 2018 Vegan Mystery Box

I got another 6 month subscription to the Cruelty Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box for Christmas, and the December box was ready and waiting for me to open on Christmas day.


  • PureFit Peanut Butter Choc Chip Bar: I had some PureFit bars when I was in the US, and I loved them! The peanut butter ones anyway. So super stoked that we can get them here now, and that I got one in this box.
  • Nestar Christmas Chocolate Almonds: Almonds coated in chocolate dusted in cocoa powder.
  • Tinned Banana Blossom: I have previously used a tin of this to make a recipe from a cookbook, but not sure what else to do with it. A lot of the recipes for tinned banana blossom (including the one that was included with the box) involve deep frying it like a fish and chips deal, which super does not appeal to me. Bit I am sure the internet will provide a suggestion.
  • Ape Lightle Salted Coconut Curls: I don't cope well with coconut fat, coconut in other forms is OK. So I am interested in these. Probably not to snack on, though, but as a topping for salad or baked goods.
  • Gluten Free Food Co Gravy Mix: This company makes a lot of vegan mac and cheese and sauce mixes that I have never tried because they are all coconut based. However this gravy mix seems to be coconut free, so yay. I like a quick gravy mix.
  • Hazer Baba Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight: I like rose flavoured things.
  • J Leuhders Red Berries Soft Candy: I'm not much one for lollies, but if I do then berry flavour is always my pick.
  • Kewpie No Egg Mayo: An old standby. Handy, as my local Asian grocery store has been out of the vegan version for a while.
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Dim Sim with presents

Ending my Christmas posts with a Christmas Dim Sim.


  1. I love a good gravy mix too! It's the only way I can make gravy, Ha!!
    I can't wait to see what you do with the banana blossoms. I fear deep frying too, plus too much grease and oil doesn't always sit well in my stomach.
    Happy New year beautiful Dim Sim!!

    1. Yes, I don't enjoy deep fried things because they make me feel sick. I have a really low tolerance. That plus a fear of setting my face on fire and burning down the house means learning how to deep fry isn't a priority!

  2. Deep frying makes me nervious. Plus that makes getting fried food at restaurants pretty guilt free for me then. I saw a yummy recipe by Wicked Healthy that does a rice noodle bowl. It uses coconut milk but I bet you could use a cashew cream to sub it.

    1. That Wicked Healthy recipe was what I made with the first tin I had! Even though the book is all 'don't use tinned, only use fresh and spend five hours preparing it', I am a rebel and it was quite nice!