Sunday, 20 January 2019

Eating Out: Brisbane CBD 2018

I continue to go into the CBD about once a month for appointments, so have also continued to get lunch while I am there. You can see 2017's visits here, I have continued to frequent some old favourites as well. I also ate a number of times at Grill'd, which got its own post here.

VegeRama Myer City and Post Office Square: VegeRama has two locations in the city, which are good for quick take away lunches (unlike their fancy sit down restaurant in West End). This tends to be the old standby for city lunch, and if I am meeting up with my friend Amy for lunch this is where we tend to go. My favourite continues to be their vegan lasagna with a side of dill and mustard salad (with extra dressing). I've also enjoyed their vegan frittata (also with a side of the same salad and a juice), and once I got a takeaway of two salads (Dill and Mustard, or course, and also the BBQ tofu) with a Soy Nugget Wrap.

Vegan Lasagna and Dill Mustard Salad from Vegerama in Myer Centre

Pumpkin, Asparagus and Mushroom Frittata; Dill and Mustard Salad; CABALA juice from VegeRama Myer Centre

BBQ Tofu Salad, Dill Salad, Soy Nugget Wrap, from Vegerama Adelaide St

Guzman y Gomez: This Mexican chain has a number of vegan options. While I enjoy their fresh burrito bowls, I of course had to gravitate towards things with potato in them this year. Namely the Nacho Fries (which ended up being a tad spicy for me), and the Cali Burrito (which has fries in the burrito). A lot of other Mexican chains have started offering vegan cheese (one even vegan sour cream). Guzman does not currently have this, day do have a vegan chimi mayo that is delicious and was great in my Cali Burrito. Apologies for the terrible photo of the burrito innards.

Nacho Fries from Guzman y Gomez

Vegan Cali Burrito from Gomez

Roll'd: This Vietnamese chain has a couple of locations in the city, one in a food court and also a small restaurant. I've had their rice paper rolls and their pho before, but on a hot day I decided to try their bun. I love these salads! The vegetarian one comes topped with fried tofu and spring rolls, the people working said the spring rolls were vegan, though I couldn't find anything to confirm this on their website afterwards. I'd just stick with extra tofu in the future anyway, as I preferred the tofu. They have vegan fish sauce there, so no need to worry about that!

Tofu Bun from Roll'd

I Heart Brownies: I'd walked past this cute little brownie kiosk in the Wintergarden a number of times, so I was thrilled when they finally started having vegan brownies. They are a perfect, cute little treat. As well as vegan, they are also gluten free, but they are not dry or crumbly and are delicious. A win for everyone! They started with just the plain flavour, but will sometimes have one or two others. So far I have tried the plain, cherry coconut, and jaffa. They also have vegan milkshakes, made with almond milk and their housemade coconut ice cream. I tried one (strawberry of course), but the ice cream was sadly a little too coconut fatty for my tolerance levels.

Vegan Flavours at I Heart Brownies

Coco Bliss: Smoothies, bowls, nice cream, and also some toast options and assorted lattes. My favourite thing there is the Fruit Tingle smoothie, which has acai, watermelon, and mango, and is excellent on a hot Brisbane day.

Fruit Tingle Acai Smoothie at Coco Bliss

I've already been back to the city in 2019, and have explored some new places. I'm hoping to try a few more new to me places this year, but I am pretty sure the old favourites will be there as well.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim with her Yeowwww Catnip Rainbow

It is hard finding something that excites Dim Sim. At nearly 19, she mostly just sleeps, eats, and snuggles. But I have some very old Yeowwww Catnip Toys that the girls all used to love back in the day. They are hard to find now, but I found the rainbow on line and bought it for her. She very much enjoyed smooching all over it, so it was nice to find something to give her that made her so happy.


  1. All of the food looks top notch! And Dim Sim is adorable but I totally know what you are saying about elderly cats...our Charlie is about 18...except he's always been feral so he doesn't snuggle. He just sleeps and eats, basically. But at least he's happy doing that LOL!

    1. Keeping them happy is the most important thing!

  2. Yum, all the food looks delicious; I'd especially love to try the nacho fries! That's great that Dim Sim enjoyed her rainbow catnip toy!

    1. I think nacho fries are >>>> than nachos. Potatoes for life!