Friday, 7 December 2018

Eating Out: Ginger and Rose

I first heard about Ginger and Rose when my mum sent me an article about the recently opened and very vegan friendly cafe. Then I started seeing it pop up here and there on my Instagram. A quick check of the menu and I knew I had to go and visit.

I made a beeline straight for the Strawberry waffles. And they were amazing! The waffles were crisp and fluffy, with fresh strawberries, strawberry and balsamic sauce, a generous serve of maple syrup, and vanilla ice cream. SOY ICE CREAM! Friends will know what a joy this is to me, who cannot eat coconut ice cream. They have a few different flavours of waffles, all vegan, but of course strawberry always has my heart. I also had a Banana and Cinnamon smoothie, which was sweet and creamy and delicious. A+ brunch.

Strawberry Waffles at Ginger & Rose

Banana Smoothie at Ginger & Rose

While normally a breakfast/lunch location, they recently opened on Friday nights for pizza and cheeseboards. I was able to get there the other week to try it out. I was on my own, so limited myself to just one pizza. The cheeseboards look beautiful, though I believe they use Nutsy cheeses. Nutsy is a local vegan cheese company, but unfortunately they have too much coconut oil in them for me. But never mind, because pizza!!!! They have a few vegan options, and I chose the Mushrooms vs Onions (it also has spinach on it), but I added pineapple and black olives because I love them. The pizza was loaded! They are not shy of toppings! It did make it pretty messy to eat, the toppings wanted to roll off the pizza when I picked it up, but it was tasty. If the base was a little crispier, the toppings a little smaller, and the cheese a bit more melted I think it would be more cohesive... adhesive? Heh.

Mushrooms vs Onions Pizza with Pineapple and Olives at Ginger and Rose

I also enjoyed one of my favourite beverages - the strawberry milkshake. Thanks to them using soy ice cream! Most places in Brisbane use coconut ice cream in their vegan shakes, which denies me the joy of a strawberry milkshake. So I am so grateful to Ginger and Rose for bucking the trend and sticking with good old soy. Strawberry is the best milkshake flavour!

Strawberry Soy Milkshake at Ginger and Rose

They also have a counter full of baked goods, many of them vegan. Each visit I have gotten something to take home - a berry muffin, a strawberry muffin, and a raspberry brownie. They also have vegan GF options. And speaking of my GF friends, they now do a vegan GF waffle as well!

Berry Muffin at Ginger & Rose

Strawberry Muffin and Raspberry Brownie at Ginger and Rose

I'm looking forward to heading back to Ginger and Rose, I'm keen to try their lunch burger, their fritters, and get more waffles!

Ginger and Rose - Crn of James & Merthyr, New Farm, Brisbane - (07) 33388866

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim Unicorn

I know you want to see more from that time I made Dim Sim into a unicorn!


  1. That pizza looks delicious. I'm kind of used to messy pizzas because I almost always load mine up way too much!
    I strongly disagree about pineapple on a pizza. but I strongly agree with you about strawberry milkshakes!
    Dim Sim is the cutest unicorn!!

    1. At least we agree on something. We will just have to agree that you are clearly wrong about pineapple. ;) No, just kidding!
      I'll always take too many toppings over not enough!

  2. The waffle plate looks absolutely beautiful and sounds super delicious! Hooray for soy ice cream! Dim Sim looks like she regrets how adorable she is, haha!

    1. Yes. She knows she is the cutest unicorn ever, but boy does she resent it. ;)

  3. Poor soy ice cream! It is so underrated! That strawberry milkshake looks dreamy. Nothing is better than a creamy strawberry drink.