Saturday, 10 November 2018

Eating Out: Two Tables Cafe (Pizza for Dinner edition)

I've posted before about my love of Two Tables Cafe. They recently changed their opening hours during the week from breakfast/lunch to dinner time. The highlight of their dinner menu is definitely the pizzas! There are three flavours, plus their garlic bread. The menu also has burgers, acai bowls, desserts, and there are normally a couple of pasta specials. But let's talk about pizza.

First up, their garlic bread. Which is basically a garlic pizza. This is lovely, salty, and garlicky. It is basically an entire pizza on it's own though, which can be challenging if you are one person eating this and another pizza, but I can report that leftovers are excellent. All pizzas from here pass the important leftover test (they are excellent cold the next day).

Garlic Bread at Two Tables Cafe

My favourite pizza of all is the Melanzane. This has BBQ sauce, eggplant, pumpkin, and onion on it and it is divine! One of the best pizzas I have ever had. This is the one I definitely recommend that everyone must eat.

Melanzane at Two Tables Cafe

The Pomodori is a classic combination of tomato, olives, and sesame cheese. It is savoury and salty, with the sesame cheese giving a lovely creamy contrast.

Pomodori Pizza at Two Tables Cafe

And finally, the Carciofi. I got this to take away when they had a two for one special on World Vegan Day, so I got a couple of pizzas to take home to my family. This one is artichokes and mushrooms with pinenuts and aioli, and is really great.

Carciofi Pizza at Two Tables Cafe

This is my favourite cafe. They know me by name, we have good chats, the atmosphere is lovely, the food is great! I'll have a lot more posts about their food in the future, because they is the place I go to the most!

Two Tables Cafe - 475 Sandgate Road, Clayfield

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


There's been a lot of Dim Sim talk with all her recent surgeries, but the first of November would have been Gizmo's birthday. I still miss her so much.


  1. I am so curious about this sesame cheese! I feel like I need to try and make my own, Maybe I'll do a Google search!
    I want all the pizza! The garlic bread pizza sounds really good. Isn't cold pizza the next day the best!!!
    Gizmo was a real beauty!!

    1. It seems like commercially available sesame cheese is very much a local thing. But I am sure there are recipes online to try! Wish I could send you a tub so you have the original to base your taste tests on, but somehow I don't think it would do well on the trip!

  2. The garlic bread/pizza sounds amazing, and the Melanzane looks great; I've never had a pizza with pumpkin on it!
    What a beautiful photo of Gizmo! <3

    1. Gizmo was so beautiful.
      I love pumpkin on pizza, I've had it a number of times. Definitely recommend!

  3. I would be all over that garlic bread/pizza! And of course all pizza must be excellent cold, too, or it isn't worth it. ;)

    1. One of the greatest joys of pizza is having slice cold from the fridge the next day. I might even like that better than fresh out of the oven pizza. If a pizza doesn't pass that test, it is not good pizza.

  4. That garlic bread/pizza looks yummy, though I would be a little annoyed if I order garlic bread and got that. But I do like garlic-y flatbreads.

    1. I see this sort of garlic bread at a lot of places these days. I do wish more places had actual garlic bread!