Friday, 30 November 2018

Eating Out: Brisbane Vegan Markets November 2018

It had been a couple of months (September I had something else on, October was very rainy), but November saw me back at the Brisbane Vegan Markets with my friends Tracee and Jamie. It is now heading towards the time of year when it is almost too hot for markets. They started at 9am, and even by 9.30 the heat was evident. Their Christmas market is on in just over a week, so we shall see how the weather fares. Anyway, food! Oh, and you can see my previous market visits here.

Tracee and Jamie for a plate of mixed momos from Tibetan Momo House.

Mixed Momos from Tibetan Momo House at Brisbane Vegan Markets

And Tracee and I both got some Char Kway Teow from Malaysia Nonya House. This is mine after I had picked out all the capsicum already, hence why it looks a little messy.

Chaw Kway Teow from Malasian House at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Drinkwise, I got some Rose and Lychee iced tea in my awesome new insulated Montii smoothie cup that I got for my birthday. And also a chocolate milk from Nutsy. Nutsy accepts all their empty bottles back to be cleaned and reused, how great is that!

Chocolate Milk from Nutsy and Iced Tea in smoothie cup at Brisbane Vegan Markets

I also had a BLT from the Farm Animal Rescue stall. It was a classic, tasty BLT. Though one of the slices of bread was hilariously thick at one crust! Jamie also had a Veef burger from the FAR stall, but he ate it before anyone could take a photo. Twice. But he liked the burger enough to eat it twice in one morning, so take that as an endorsement.

BLT from FAR at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Finally, an ice cream cone from I Should Coco. Friends, since they took Berry Merry off the menu a few months ago, I have struggled to find any other flavour that I love as much. This time I tried a Cookie Wookie, but with strawberry sauce instead of caramel (I normally get it with chocolate instead of caramel, I don't like caramel much). It was nice, though their strawberry sauce is so runny. Come back Berry Merry!

Cookie Wookie with Strawberry Sauce from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim in our new room

Yesterday I posted a photo of Dim Sim looking a bit wary about being in our new bedroom. Last night, I was watching Riverdale and eating dinner and she jumped out of her chair cave in the sunroom and wandered past. Where did she go? I was looking for her for her meds before we went up to bed. Upstairs I went and where did I find her? On her blankie on our bed in our new room! I was so happy, she seems to know this is where we sleep now. And that she still wants to be where I am for sleepy snugs.


  1. Awww, yay, Dim Sim! So glad she adjusted so quickly to the new room!

    1. She's doing great with it! Better than I am, I think. I don't like change, and it is still strange to me to go to sleep in a different room. She's completely adjusted.

  2. That insulated cup looks super cute. I checked out the site and they have really pretty colors. I might try them out when our current cups go south, but that might be awhile.

    1. I often see cute new water bottles or things, but my current ones are still going strong so I have to resist the urge to buy. But I didn't have anything like this, so it was great to find something so pretty.