Thursday, 29 November 2018

Eating Out: Two Tables Cafe (In Memoriam)

Sad news just came in, my friends. My favourite Two Tables Cafe announced yesterday on Instagram that they were closing, effective immediately. It was a small family business, and the adult children are now off doing their own things in the world. Which means, no more Two Tables. I am very very very sad. I had wanted to go there for my birthday dinner this year, but things got in the way, and I didn't get a chance for a final goodbye. Woe. It is strange how important a place can become to you. I guess good food and amazing people will do that. So, for the final time, here are some of the things I had eaten there in some recent visits.

I went with some friends for brunch once rainy Sunday. I had been planning on getting the pancakes, but I was in a savoury mood and went for the Big Vegan breakfast as well. Pumpkin, mushrooms, roasted tomato, a Fenn Veef patty, a hashbrown, baked beans, tomato relish, and their housemade bread. This was delicious and satisfying, but without being too overwhelming.

Big Vegan from Two Tables Cafe

My friend did have the House Special Pancakes, and I was able to snaffle a few bites. Their pancakes are so good, and the house special version is loaded with fruit. I had planned on having these instead of cake at my birthday dinner. Alas. Anyway, check out these beauties, and then weep that you will never get to have them.

House Special Pancakes from Two Tables Cafe

Another time I had been meant to meet some friends there for brunch, but they forgot. But a trip to Two Tables was never wasted, and I was happy to be able to eat there. I had their delicious green smoothie, and their tofu burger. The burger has pineapple and satay sauce on it, and came with their perfect chips.

The Greenie at Two Tables Cafe

Tofu Burger (with Satay Sauce and Pineapple) at Two Tables Cafe

Several weeks ago, they introduced the Graze concept to their Friday and Saturday nights. While they still had their regular menu available, they also had a special pre-booked menu. I was lucky enough to be able to make it there for their first one. Pesto Pizza Bread with Caponata, Sesame Cheese and Pearl Cous Cous stuffed Baby Field Mushrooms, Creamy Linguine Carbonara with Panegrotto, and Heritage Tomato and Rocket Salad. A beautiful meal. They are the masters of knowing exactly how much food is enough to leave you satisfied, but not uncomfortably full. This was such a great dinner.

Pesto Pizza Bread and Caponata at Two Tables (Graze)

Baby Field Mushrooms stuffed with Pearl Couscous and Sesame Cheese at Two Tables (Graze)

Creamy Linguine Carbonara with Panegrotto and Heritage Tomato and Rocket Salad at Two Tables (Graze)

Farewell my beloved Two Tables. I wish them all the very best in all their future endeavours. And if there is ever another Two Tables in the future, count me in.

You can reminisce and see my other visits to Two Tables Cafe here.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim in our new room

Speaking of changes, Dim Sim and I moved into our new bedroom yesterday. Here she is on the bed, with our new quilt cover. She is a bit concerned by it all.


  1. It's the worst when it's such a sudden thing. I always feel that way when something I love is discontinued or a store stops carrying it and I can't find it anywhere!
    Poor Dim Sim. Cats do always get upset with lots of changes!

    1. I am going out for dinner tonight on the way home, and normally I would have just gone there. But now... there is no there to go to. So sad. They were such lovely people.

  2. That's so sad that they've closed; all the food looks great! I hope Dim Sim is settling in well!

  3. Still so sad, but at least it isn't closed down because not enough people were coming. I always feel terrible when I place I love closes, and I know I BARELY spent any money there. I am always stingy with cash and spending, so even if I was a billionaire I doubt I would eat out too much.

  4. I'm sorry your fave is shut now! It looks like you've had some nice times and great foods there.