Friday, 27 April 2018

Eating Out: St Coco Cafe

Vegan options abound in Brisbane and adjacent-area cafes. St Coco Cafe is one such cafe. Technically in Logan, it is also very close to the Daisy Hill national park if you feel like some hiking or trying to spot some native wildlife. They have three or four vegan options on the menu, and while they are not exactly breaking any barriers (think avocado toast, acai bowls, tacos, salads...) I have enjoyed both my visits there a lot. They certainly do well with flavour!

The first time I visited for lunch, and I tried the Sweet Potato Tacos. I loved these! The sweet potatoes are marinated in a sundried tomato sauce, but are cooked almost like large sweet potato wedges, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. They are topped with greens, coriander, and a lime coconut paste... I know what you are thinking. But the coconut paste was delightful and not too coconut fatty at all! This was such a delightful combination.

Sweet Potato Tacos at St Coco Cafe

Most of their drinks are either vegan, or can be made vegan. This includes the milkshakes (they use a coconut ice cream, so I haven't tried one). They have a few smoothies on offer, and I went for the Cherry Ripe. Despite the name, it has strawberry puree in it, not cherries. Regardless, it is absolutely delicious!

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie at St Coco Cafe

I went back a second time recently to have breakfast with a friend I hadn't seen for awhile. Once again, I got the Cherry Ripe Smoothie... how could I not when I love it so much? I also got that perennial vegan stalwart - the avocado on toast. Their version has avocado wedges with pea and mint, macadamia ricotta, semi-sundried cherry tomatoes, and balsamic glaze on toasted sourdough rye. It was a lovely interpretation, the pea and mint was very unique! I could have done with some more of the macadamia ricotta though. Cheese me up! I also got a side of housemade sauerkraut. This was unexpectedly warm, more like a stewed red cabbage, but it was totally yummy. Highly recommend.

Avocado Toast with Sauerkraut at St Coco Cafe

My friend was after something lighter, and picked the vegan special of the week - a Mango Passionfruit Coconut Float. This smoothie had mango, coconut milk, passionfruit and ice, and was topped with coconut ice cream and passionfruit pulp. She really enjoyed it.

Mango Passionfruit Coconut Float at St Coco Cafe

St Coco Cafe - 3 Cupania Street, Daisy Hill, QLD, 07 3299 3264

Note: The cafe is located in a little shopping complex. When you drive in, you will see the IGA but not St Coco. Keep on driving, the carpark extends down past the initial little complex, and St Coco is back there!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Three sleepy kittens

Three little kittens, looking for a home. Though Avril (in the little scratcher thing on the window ledge), just went to her new home today! Bowie (on the top of the scratching post) and Jimmy (in the basket) are still looking for homes.


  1. That avocado toast looks really yummy. The combo of peas + mint + "ricotta" sounds perfect.

    1. It was really fresh and nice. I know avocado toast is such a cliche item for vegans on the menu, but I just love it. Especially when they do fancy things with it.