Thursday, 12 April 2018

Cruelty Free Shop April 2018 Vegan Mystery Box

This is the second last box of my 6 month subscription, time goes so fast. Can you believe that we are in April already? You can order your very own box here. Let's see what was in the April box!


  • Go Organic Chocolate Ginger Chews: Pretty excited for these, and they are pretty great! Chewy with a nice blend of chocolate and ginger flavours, including that ginger heat that I love.
  • Melinda's Chocolate Fudge Mug Brownie: I've had these before, and they are nice. A very quick dessert when the craving hits!
  • Nature's Charm BBQ Jackfruit: Now I don't even need to cook jackfruit before I add it to a sandwich! The future it now.
  • Nakd Berry Delight Bar: I have been a big fan of Nakd bars for several years. This is my second favourite flavour (the first is Rhubarb Custard).
  • Happy Caramel Popcorn: Regular readers will know that I am not a huge fan of either popcorn or caramel, however the caramel flavour on this comes entirely from brown sugar, and I do like brown sugar.
  • Coconut Choc Chip Clif Bar: I am a die hard peanut butter fan when it comes to Clif Bars. The other flavours are just always too sweet and not quite what I want them to be. Another reason I stick to the peanut butter flavour is that the chocolate chips in Clif Bars are not FEP approved.
  • Sweet William Easter Bunny Face: I just hate Sweet William chocolate with a fiery passion. I gave this too my dad.
  • Riega Veggie Fajita Seasoning: We got the Dal version of this in last month's box. I am planning on cooking up some veggies for a lunch with this at some point, hoping that the chili in it is very mild!
  • Moo Free Easter Bunny: I am meh on this brand of chocolate, but at least it is FEP approved!

So, definitely not as good as last month's box. Though that was one of the greatest boxes ever! Still, a couple of things I am happy for, the rest I am a bit meh on. I hope next month finishes up strong!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

ET Phone Home

Sometimes at work, we make our own fun.


  1. The mug brownie sounds really good, and what a cute little babushka cat! :)

    1. They was such a sleepy, happy little kitty, and just purred even more when we started wrapping them up!

  2. Ginger chocolate chews sound really amazing!! And jackfruit already sauced and seasoned?? The future really is now!!
    The cats face!! Hilarious!

    1. I am thinking about making some BBQ jackfruit totchos with that can!

  3. The best kitty face XD

    What was wrong with Sweet William? Too sweet? Chalky?