Monday, 2 April 2018

Eating Out: PingAn Veggie Time

While there are many vegan-friend Thai places around, Brisbane also has its very own 100% vegan Thai Restaurant. PingAn Veggie Time is a small, cheery restaurant that is serving up some lovely food. There is a big menu, so you are sure to find something good. It is over the other side of town from me, so I have only been twice so far.

The first time I went with my mum for lunch one Saturday. I am happy to report that they have some excellent fun drinks to choose from. I had a tart and refreshing pomegranate juice with basil seeds, and Mum had the tamarind juice.

Pomegranate Juice with Basil Seeds and Tamarind Juice at PingAn Veggie Time

We shared some entrees. The Chicken Drumsticks are that fabulous, wrapped yuba style, deep-fried drumstick goodness. One was enough for me, as they are quite fried, but they are definitely fun. We also got some Roti with Peanut Sauce, which ended up being a pretty big serving! We definitely filled up on roti. It was lovely though, and the peanut sauce was great.

Chicken Drumsticks at PingAn Veggie Time

Roti with Peanut Sauce at PingAn Veggie Time

Mum ordered the Special Red Curry with Duck, Lychees, and Pineapple. This reminded me of one of my favourite dishes from Green Palace Thai in Sydney, though I could only eat a little as it was a bit too spicy for me these days. But it was good, and Mum adored the sauce.

Special Red Curry with Duck, Lychees and Pineapple at PingAn Veggie Time

I ordered my favourite - Pad See Ew. Happy to report that this was a very nice one! A bad Pad See Ew is a tragedy.

Pad See Ew at PingAn Veggie Time

I went back once for lunch on a weekday. This time I tried a Pandan Juice with Chia Seeds, which was mostly just sweet without too much flavour. They also do lunch specials, so I got some Tofu and Veggies with Satay Sauce. I enjoy their peanut sauce. The rice was the cutest little dolphis shape, it was hard to ruin it with my fork!

Pandan Juice with Chia Seeds at PingAn Veggie Time

Lunch Special Todu and Veggies with Satay Sauce at PingAn Veggie Time

Definitely worth a visit! Due to a roster change, I will get a chance to have lunch here a bit more often. I am looking forward to it!

PingAn Veggie Time - Shop 3/708 Sandgate Road, Clayfield, QLD - (07) 3262 6056

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


My beautiful Gizmo. It's been over six years since she left us, but always in my heart. Here she is sitting on the half made bed, not letting me finish pulling the doona up, and giving me a slightly concerned look.


  1. The drumsticks look really good, and I can't get over how cute the rice looks in the dolphin shape! Sweet Gizmo <3

    1. This sort of drumstick is relatively common here, and I much prefer them to those that are made from solid mock meat. The yuba is so tasty.

  2. Those drumsticks look so scarily real!!
    I want all the food. Especially roti with peanut sauce? I could definitely make a meal out of that!
    Gizmo does look concerned! She wants the bed to stay that way!

    1. This way, she had the covers all messed up to make a lovely nest on!

  3. This place looks really good. That's cute that they took the time to style the rice into a dolphin rather than a big ol' plop.

    1. I was delighted when it came out! I should hopefully be getting lunch there again in the next couple of weeks, so I hope it is a regular thing.