Thursday, 22 March 2018

Eating Out: Brisbane Vegan Markets March 2018

I didn't make it to the January or February Brisbane Vegan Markets, but I was glad to go along for the March morning markets a couple of weeks ago. I met up with Tracee and Jamie, my regular market buddies. And I ate a lot of food. Eventually. All the stalls seemed to be running late setting up that day! So even though we got there at 9am when the markets opened, we didn't get to eat until 10am. I was pretty hungry by then!

Farm Animal Rescue normally always has some sort of BBQ food available, and this day that had a special burger. The patty was Veef, which is made by local company Fenn Foods (who also make the smoked sesame cheese I'm obsessed with). It was a really nice patty, and a great burger. It had cheese, mustard, ketchup, BBQ onions, pickles, lettuce, and tomato. The photo does not do it justice.

Veef Burger from FAR at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Because I was very hungry after waiting so long, my eyes were bigger than my stomach. So I ordered this Blue Rice with Tempeh and Tofu from Nonya Malaysia House, as well as a lemonade. The rice is blue thanks to blue pea powder, and regular readers will know how much I love silly coloured food. Unfortunately the colour didn't come through so well in the photo. It was pleasant (no real special taste), served with lovely nutty tempeh and soft fried tofu, as well as some mild curry vegetables. But boy was I full!

Lemonade and Blue Rice with Tofu, Tempeh and Curried Veggies from Malaysian Nonya House at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Tracee and Jamie tried out some offerings from the Happy Fish stall. Including this side cheese bombs - deep fried cheese cubes. I tried one, and it was melty and cheesy and yummy, but also very deep fried. One was enough for me.

Cheese Puffs from Happy Fish at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Unfortunately they said that the Fish Burger was not a great success, and the chips were undercooked.

Fish Burger and Chips from Happy Fish at Brisbane Vegan Markets

Tracee also got some curry from the Sri Lankan Pepper Pot place, but I was off waiting for my blue rice and she ate it before I could get a photo! She said it was good. I haven't tried anything from that stall, as I have heard it is pretty spicy!

Of course no market is complete without a visit to I Should Coco for ice cream. This month the special was a PB&J Ice Cream Doughnut. That is a doughnut with soft serve, PB, and jam sandwiched between the layers. I had to get it! Unfortunately, the doughnuts that were delivered were much smaller than they were expecting, so the sandwich idea really didn't work out. I still got it, and it tasted great, but the presentation was pretty awful. They were serving them on plates, rather than in the big cups, so everything just fell everywhere. But it was funny.

PBJ Doughnut Sundae from I Should Coco at Brisbane Vegan Markets

As well as taking home some of the above mentioned sesame cheese, I also picked up some tarts and flans from Flour of Life, but they got a bit smooshed on the way home. And I have posted them a million times before. I am not going to go to the evening markets this month, but I am looking forward to the April morning markets!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim perfection

Every time I look at her I wonder how I got so lucky.


  1. The burger sounds really good, and the blue rice dish, too! Dim Sim, so cute!

  2. You always find the BEST vegan options!!!

    1. It is easy to find good food at a vegan market. ;)

  3. That burger is making me drool! It's been too long since I've had a proper veggie burger on a bun with all the fix ins!
    Even though the ice cream doughnut sandwich was kind of a fail, it looks and sounds amazing!!

    1. I love a good burger.
      The ice cream was hilarious to look at, but even if it looked perfect it would still have tasted good and ended all smooshed in my belleh, so I am happy.

  4. I had to zoom in to see the blue in that rice. Bummer it didn't really show up.

    1. I know! In their menu photo the blue colour is much stronger.