Thursday, 15 March 2018

Cruelty Free Shop March 2018 Mystery Box

Another month, another box! My Cruelty Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box arrived earlier this month, packed with exciting goodies. Nine new (to the CFS) products, and an old favourite.

March 2018 CFS Vegan Mystery Box

  • Simply Delish Chocolate Pudding Mix: I know pudding can be controversial, I fall in the pro-pudding camp. I am keen to try this.
  • Salt & Vinegar Vege Chips: These are new the CFS, but have been available in other health food shops and supermarkets for ages. They have a very different texture from your usual potato chip, and come in a range of flavours. Salt and vinegar is my favourite! It is hard to find vegan salt and vinegar here, a lot of it has dairy in it.
  • Sneaky Wholefoods Turmeric Chai Bar: Anything with turmeric in the title has my immediate attention. This bar also has no coconut oil in it!
  • SurfSweets Watermelon Rings: I am not the biggest lolly person, but sometimes do enjoy a little sugar hit of an afternoon here and there, and I like watermelon things, so I will definitely try these.
  • Riega Dahl Seasoning: I have seen these seasoning mixes at the Green Edge Before, though never bought any. A lot of them tended to be on the chili/spicy side, I am glad to see that this dahl one seems relatively mild.
  • Primal Thai Peanut Jerky: This is the 'old favourite', Primal has been here for ages. I normally get the smokey or BBQ one, but I have enjoyed this peanut one in the past as well. If only they would fix their packets so that they would actually open properly when you tear them!
  • Gingerbread Easter Bunny: Although they stock the gingerbread men every year, this is 'technically' new the the CFS as it is the first time that they have made a gingerbread easter bunny.
  • OCHO Organic Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bar: I am so exited to try this, what appears to be chocolate covering a giant slab of peanut butter. I hope it lives up to my expectations. Less exciting, this bar is on the FEP's 'cannot recommend, but working on the issues in various ways' list, so I wouldn't be buying it myself.
  • Bounce Plant Power Beetroot & Cashew Energy Ball: Beetroot? Say no more. I'm in.
  • GimMe Extra Virgin Olive Oil Roasted Seaweed: This is another product that has been available in the supermarkets for quite a while. Normally I just snack on them, but I am looking forward to using them as mini wraps in a sushi bowl, inspired by My Cat Loves Daiya.

Overall, this is one of the boxes I have been most happy about. There is no product in there that I need to give away due to spice or coconut oil levels. And a lot of flavours in there that I enjoy.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Julia and Angus

These cutie twins are Julia and Angus, our two new adoption kitties at work.


  1. The salt & vinegar chips sound good, and the Thai peanut jerky -- that's one I haven't seen yet!
    Cute kitties! :D

    1. We have had the Thai Peanut one around here for ages. It is pretty good.

  2. I love the Thai peanut jerky!! I think that's the only vegan jerky I like. But you are so right about opening them!
    I hope you love the little sushi wraps! It's an easy way to get the sushi flavor without having to make rolls. And also the seaweed snacks are cheaper than the big sushi wraps, at least here.

    1. I had to stop packing the jerky for plane trips, because opening them was so hard, and I ended getting it all over my hands. Such a mess!

  3. Yey salt and vinegar with so dairy in it! I don't know why they always do that!

    1. I am sure they claim it is 'for the flavour', which is such a load of hogwash.

  4. Pretty great looking box!
    "Salt and vinegar is my favourite!" Mine too. It's funny as there is a brand of chips over here (Lays) that make really good salt & vinegar chips. And in the United States, they are vegan, but I have to remember when I go back to Canada for a visit they are not. Weirdest thing.
    The turmeric bar sounds good.
    And the pb chocolate bar. Oh my gosh... I'm drooling over here just thinking about it.

    1. Peanut butter and chocolate is life!
      How odd that they have different ingredients depending on the country, especially when they are so close!