Monday, 12 March 2018

Eating Out: Brewski

The Brisbane vegan social media hype is alive and well, if there is a new offering, it doesn't take long for news to spread and vegans to flock. We want to spend our money! Give us options! Brewski is a bar that has always had some vegan options, but last year they started offering vegan burgers, and had cheap burger Tuesdays, and vegans descended!

I arranged to meet up with some friends after I finished work one Tuesday. I finished at 7pm and went straight there, and they were already packed. My friends were running a bit late, and by the time they got there... all the vegan burgers were sold out! They still had some other vegan options on the menu, so we ordered some to share. But this point they were swamped, and it was an hour to wait until our food came! So. Hungry.

We each got one of the Meatless BBQ plates, which had grilled vegetables, smoky jackfruit, a dill pickle, cornbread with smoky butter, BBQ sauce, and your choice of sides. I picked the potato salad. This was nice, though not amazing. The best part was the cornbread and smoky butter.

Meatless BBQ Plate with Potato Salad at Brewski

We also shared some nachos, which were nice (though as so often happens, there was not enough topping for all the corn chips), and some shoestring fries with vegan aioli.

Vegan Nachos at Brewski

Showstring Fries at Brewski

I had a more successful burger outing when I went up at lunch one Tuesday, right on opening, so they were definitely not sold out and were a lot quieter. I had the Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger, which everyone had been raving about, with a side of fries. The burger was nice, a solid cheeseburger.

Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger at Brewski

I also went back another lunch and tried the ABC burger, which stands for Avocado, Bacon, Chicken. They use match chicken to make the patties, I think. This was really nice, I think my favourite of the two. With some more potato salad for the side.

ABC Burger with Potato Salad at Brewski

There are some other things on the menu that I'd like to try as well, but definitely on a quiet lunch time rather than a busy evening!

Brewski, 22 Caxton St, Petrie Terrace, QLD, 4059, (07) 3369 2198

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Cute boarder

A very cute boarder.


  1. I think I know who those late assholes were 😕

    1. They were some excellent not-assholes. :)

  2. Smoky butter sounds really, really amazing! The ABC burger looks really tasty too.
    OMG that kitty is absolutely adorable!Those big eyes!

  3. They need to work on their plating! The BBQ platter looks so empty! But those are pretty yummy looking burgers.

    1. Oh yeah, that platter does not look impressive. Especially after waiting for an hour! I wanted something abundant! But then I was so hungry I didn't care and just ate.

  4. Oh my gosh that little face!! What a cutie pie.
    This place looks good! I would be super bummed to wait an hour for food, but those fries alone look worth the wait. The chicken burger looks really good too!

    1. I was super bummed. Especially after working a 12 hour day. GIMME FOOD!