Thursday, 22 February 2018

Eating Out: VegeRama (DragFest and Gladiators editions)

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words about Dim Sim, and Sahara. We have a week or so to wait for the final results to get back, so we are just in a holding pattern. Importantly, she is very well and happy in herself. So that is the main thing.

Back to regular programming, here is a post about food. Being in West End, which is also very near South Bank, VegeRama West End is a good place to meet up for food before or after events. Of course, there are loads of places around this area that have vegan options, and VegeRama tends to be a bit hit and miss, but it turns up on the rotation every now and then.

I met up with my BFF Ashleigh and her sister Bec for dinner before DragFest last year. We had planned on going to another place, but they had a line, so VegeRama just seemed like a simple option. We shared some samosas (which are always nice) and some dumplings (which were too spicy for me), to get started.

Samosas at Vegerama

Dumplings at Vegerama

This was in winter, so instead of the usual juice or smoothie we tried some hot drinks. Ashleigh got a Dirty Turmeric Latte (why anyone would ruin a perfectly good drink with coffee is beyond me), and I had a Beetroot Latte. The beetroot looked prettier than it tasted, which I was warned about by the waitress, but I gave it a try anyway. I didn't taste like much at all.

Dirty Turmeric Latte and Beetroot Latte at Vegerama

Ashleigh and Bec shared a Tomato and Zucchini Risotto of the specials board, which was simple but nice. I tried a little bit.

Tomato and Zucchini Risotto at Vegerama

I got the Stuffed Tofu, which was a disappointment. I asked and was assured by the kitchen that it had no chilli in it, but it clearly did. My mouth was on fire and my stomach was burning. It was so close to the time out show started, and I hate making a fuss, that I just rage ate it and then had a sore gut for the night.

Stuffed Tofu at Vegerama

The reason I was going to DragFest was because my favourite drag queen Jinkx Monsoon was performing. She is amazing and I love her and she is the only reason I will stay out that late at night. Here is a blurry photo of her.

Jinkx at DragFest 2017

Another time, Ashleigh and I went to an After Dark night for the Gladiators exhibit at the Queensland Museum, starting with dinner at VegeRama first. We shared some samosas, which are always a good bet.

Samosas at VegeRama

We tried the Supreme pizza, which was not bad. Not as good as our favourite Artichoke and Mushroom (which is sadly off the menu now), the green swirl was a bit bitter. They also use a load of Daiya on their vegan pizzas, so if you are not a Daiya fan just keep that in mind.

Supreme Pizza at VegeRama

They were changing over to their new summer menu when we were there, so we tried the new Rotolo Pasta. This was a gluten free pasta filled with sweet potato and herbs, with a napoli sauce, grilled asparagus, parmesan and crispy basil. It was really nice, they did a great job with the gluten free pasta. Very good texture.

Rotolo Pasta at VegeRama (House made gluten free pasta, filled with sweet potato mash & herbs. Served w Napoli sauce, crispy basil, grilled asparagus & vegan parmesan.)

The museum was hosting a special, 18yo+ event where they open at night so you can explore, play in the science centre, and they also have demonstrations and talks on. The gladiators exhibit, not surprisingly, had a pretty violent history behind it. But it was also quite interesting. Did you know that a lot of gladiators had a predominantly vegetarian diet to stay in peak physical form? They did! Anyway, here is a cool piece of the Colosseum.


And no visit to the museum is complete without saying hi to the Muttaburrasaurus, and stopping by the Whale Mall.


Whale Mall

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


Let's never forget my beautiful Gizmo. Though it has been a bit over six years since she passed away, I miss her forever.


  1. I wish I had gone with you to these places! OMG! Those Samosas!

    I know what you mean about thinking of passed pets daily...I still think of our Sammy, Suzie, and Gabby! They are all still mentioned in my Furkid tab on my blog as a remembrance.

    And also my childhood fur siblings...Snowflake and Corky!

  2. Rage Ate!! Hilarious, however boo on having a sore stomach. That mix up is one of the MANY reasons i on't eat out. I worked in restaurants for years and I just prefer making my own food.
    Too bad the green swirl was bitter, it really is a beautiful pizza.
    Gizmo looks like such a regal lady!

    1. I was pretty annoyed, especially after the waitress checked with the chef. I mentioned it to her when we were leaving, and she was so apologetic. But it wasn't her fault that the chef told her the wrong thing!

  3. Stinks about the beetroot latte. I always want to try them because your photos look so pretty. And FINALLY a local restaurant has them! So I want to try and go sometime this week to give it a taste.

    1. I often find that beetroot lattes look better than they taste, but I have had a few really great tasting ones. Hope the place near you has a good one!

  4. Ah the samosas! My favourite thing ever and I rarely find them here. They look delicious.
    "why anyone would ruin a perfectly good drink with coffee is beyond me" Agreed. I am happy to come across non-coffee lattes which make me quite happy.
    The risotto looks so good! That is hugely disappointing about your stuffed tofu. I get the same way with spice.
    The pizza looks different - I like that. I always order mushroom and artichoke on my pizza. Every. Single. Time. I should probably branch out.

    1. Once I ordered a chai latte that ended up being a chai-flavoured coffee latte and I was confused. And also couldn't drink it. Now I always check if I am going somewhere new!