Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Eating Out: September 18

I've spoken about getting some goodies from the September 18 stall at the Brisbane Vegan Markets before, but they also have a whole restaurant! It is up in Northlakes, which is a bit of a hike from my place on the southside. But I have been there a couple of times!

I have some friends who live in North Lakes, so if I visit them we normally go here for lunch. You already know that I love their steamed BBQ buns!

Steamed BBQ Buns from September 18

They also make some delicious roti bread as well.

Roti from September 18

Brendan ordered the sweet and sour. I am not a sweet and sour fan, so I did not sample it.

Sweet and Sour from September 18

Diana ordered the Hawaiian Nasi Goreng, which is like pineapple and ham fried rice. I tried a little bit, and it was pretty fun.

Hawaiian Nasi Goreng from September 18

I ordered the Braised Noodles and Tofu, which was a big soupy dish of savoury deliciousness.

Braised Noodles and Tofu from September 18

Another time I went to eat there was back when Jojo and Nick where here. They were volunteering at Farm Animal Rescue, which is not too far from North Lakes. So I went and picked them up so we could eat and do some grocery shopping. I met some sheep while I was picking them up!

Sheep at FAR

I had heard a lot of people rave about the drumsticks at September 18, so we tried some. They are the type that has yuba-style strips wrapped around a paddle pop and then friend and spiced. They did not blow my mind, but they were nice!

Chicken Drumsticks at September 18

Oh look, steamed BBQ buns... are you surprised?

BBQ Steamed Buns at September 18

We also tried some dumplings, because you can never have too many dumplings!

Pan Fried Dumplings at September 18

We shared a couple of mains. The Spring Fried Rice, and the Kway Teow.

Spring Fried Rice and Kway Teow at September 18

September 18 is also super close to a Charlie's Raw Squeeze, which also has a Moo Free Burgers there if you are into it. I am not a fan of their burgers, and will always choose delicious steamed buns and stir-fries every time. But we did stop by after lunch to get some lattes. I had a turmeric, and Jojo had a matcha.

Matcha and Turmeric Lattes and Charlie's

September 18 - Shop 2B 1650 Anzac Av, North Lakes, Queensland - (07) 3886 5581

Charlie's Raw Squeeze North Lakes - 53 Endeavour Blvd, North Lakes, Queensland - (07) 3880 6743

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Dim Sim had her ultrasound yesterday, and unfortunately it did show some liver abnormalities. She had a fine needle aspirate, and the results came back looking like they are probably inflammatory, however they could not completely rule out cancer. So she will probably go back next week for a biopsy. She spent the night in hospital on fluids after the aspirate, and it was horrible sleeping without her. I didn't really sleep at all. But she is home now. Not so impressed with having that bandage on her arm from where her IV was taken out, but that can come off in a couple of hours.


  1. Oh, brave little Dim Sim! <3
    Trying to sleep while a kitty is staying overnight at the vet is pretty near impossible; I'm so glad she's back with you now! <3

    1. I was so happy to have her snuggled up next to me again last night!

  2. I grew up at Redcliffe, before North Lakes even existed. This one's going on the list for next time I visit my Mum. Thanks!