Thursday, 8 February 2018

Cruelty Free Shop February 2018 Vegan Mystery Box

I can hardly believe that I am already up to the third month of my six month CFS Vegan Mystery Box subscription. The time does fly! Let's see what this month brought me.


  • Sweet William White Chocolate Baking Buttons: White chocolate is an abomination, but I will use these up in things for bake sales. (Note, Sweet William is on the 'not recommended, but at least addressing the issues' part of the FEP chocolate list.) There was also a recipe in the box for white chocolate and macadamia cookies.
  • Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar: I am all about the Peanut Butter Crunch Clif Bar, they are clearly the best (also Clif bar does not use FEP-approved chocolate). This one does have some chocolate in it, as well as seeds and nuts. I find a lot of other Clif bar flavours to be too sweet or artificial, so I will be curious to sample this. By PB Crunch will always be my go to.
  • West Country Organic Korma Curry Paste: This has two sachets of hopefully not too spicy korma paste (though the ingredients don't list chili), which will be handy for some quick lunches.
  • Blue Dinosaur Banana Bread Bar: I love snack bars, and I love banana bread. Though this does have coconut oil in it, so I approach with caution.
  • Upton's Real Meal Kit - Thai Curry Noodle: This is a handy, super fast ready meal to zap and eat in moments of crisis! It will be a good back up at work for emergency hunger attacks. We now have Upton's jackfruit and meal kits,so I am hoping that mac and cheese will be coming soon!
  • Leda Choculence Biscuits: This is a old faithful product in the Australian vegan world, the original vegan version of a Tim Tam (though Woolworths has their own brand version as well). Tim Tams are very Austalian biscuits! Though should be noted that Leda is not on the FEP approved chocolate list.
  • Nakula Coconut Water: I am a huge fan of coconut water, especially to make super refreshing post yoga smoothies, so I will never be sad to have some extra around.
  • Andalou Naturals Pod Mask: The am super excited to try out this face mask, I love face masks!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Dim Sim normally naps most of the day away, but when she was in hospital apparently she spent most of her time watching what was going on around her. So when she got home yesterday, she was exhausted! Much deep sleeping. And she spent the night in bed with me, as we do. It was so good to have her back. Thank you for your kind thoughts. She has to go back in next week to have a liver biopsy done (still ultrasound guided, not surgically), so we can get some more definitive results.

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  1. The Upton's Thai curry noodle sounds like a fun thing to try!
    Sweet Dim Sim! I hope her biopsy goes well! <3