Friday, 11 August 2017

Melbourne OCC 2017: Part 2

Thankfully Sunday was a slightly shorter day compared to the Saturday. So let's talk about laughable venue food. I started off in my hotel eating oats, and then went to the venue for the 'catered vegan breakfast' of tiniest fruit salad ever. In what world do they think this is breakfast for anyone?

Fruit Salad from MCEC

They had three vegan options you could choose for lunch, two of which were the same as last year. The sad, soggy, oily veggie wrap and the tiny serve of rice paper rolls. This time I ordered the veggie gyoza for both days... at least it would be hot, right? Oh, silly Susan. It was lukewarm, dried out gyoza with a drizzle of stuck on sauce and sesame seeds. At least the taste was not offensive. And at least I had packed my noodle cups and snack bars and fruit!

Gyoza from MCEC

Anyway, thankfully I planned ahead and never was hungry throughout the day. And after it was over, I went and met Jess again for some ramen. I love ramen! We went to try Mr Ramen San in the city, which had two vegan options. We wanted a little started, and asked if the natto with mushrooms was vegan. Neither of us had tried natto before, but we were both keen. We were told that it was, but they kind of suggested maybe we wouldn't like it, which was funny and only strengthened our resolve! And of course it was fine. Sure, a little bit slimy, but it tasted nice. And it was mixed through with some mushroom chunks. It was good!

Natto and Mushrooms from Mr Ramen San

There are two vegetarian ramens, which are vegan without the egg. And we ordered both. They both have the same broth, but one was a 'charsu' ramen (with vegetarian Roast 'pork', leeks, spring onion, bamboo, Wood ear mushroom and seaweed), and the other is tofu ramen (with tofu, spring onion, beansprout, corn, pickled vegetables and seaweed). We swapped some of the toppings between the bowls so we could try everything. They were hot and tasty!

Ramen from Mr Ramen San

Vegetarnia Char Su Ramen from Mr Ramen San

Vegetarian Tofu Ramen from Mr Ramen San

On the way home I got another Soy Matcha Latte from Starbucks, but I got a larger one. Which was yummy, but then made me pee one million times overnight, so I have to remember that for the future! Also of note, they had both vegan Vitasoy Cafe soy milk there, and the non-vegan Vitasoy with Vitamin D, he started making it with that one, so thankfully I saw and stopped him. But double check on the soy milk you get there!

Monday morning was a team breakfast at a hotel buffet, which is not a good time for vegans. But it is a nice time for seeing everyone. So I went out for breakfast first and then met everyone there. I went to Lord of the Fries for a Tibetan Burger (tofu egg, vegan cheese, mustard and mayo) with bacon added and a hashbrown. I also stopped by Broad Bean again and got a turmeric latte, and I had a juice left. The burger was OK, but it is certainly no Smith & Deli Egg McMartinez. The bun was very soft and oddly sweet. But still, it was a filling breakfast.

Tibetan Burger with Bacon, Hashbrown, Turmeric Latte, juice from LoTF and BroadBean

We got picked up and taken to the airport, only to be hit with a three hour delay (I hate Jetstar so much). So I walked around, we chatted, and I got some lunch. There are a few options at Melbourne airport, but you would think there would be more. The best options are in the Jetstar terminal, at least. I ended up getting a Mucho Veggie Burrito Bowl from Salsa, which was nice and fresh option. It had lime and coriander rice, zucchini and broccoli, black beans, corn salsa, and guacamole. It is also meant to have onions and capsicum and a chipotle salsa, but I asked for them to be left off. Still had a slightly uncomfortable hit of chilli, though. I also grabbed a sushi roll for a plane snack.

Burrito Bowl from Salsa's at Melbourne Airport

I was pretty exhausted, and glad to be home to my sweet Dim Sim! Speaking of sweet, I picked up some chocolate goodies to bring home with me. The Loving Earth chocolates were on sale and Broad Bean. They are the only raw chocolate brand that I like, and these flavours are SO GOOD. Especially the berry one. I also stumbled across a little shop that had every single flavour of Seed & Bean! I started piling up all the vegan ones, before reminding myself that they were $8 a black, so I pared it back to three. My favourite sea salt, the mandarin and ginger (which was yummy), and the intriguing fennel (which I am still yet to try). I do have some regrets about not getting Orange & Thyme. As a bonus, all this chocolate is on the Food Empowerment Project Approved Chocolate List, so I can enjoy these without worrying that they were made using child slavery!

Chocolate Haul

And finally, let's talk about Alyson Hannigan. Buffy is the show of my heart, my forever show, a love of my life. And Willow is without a doubt the best part of Buffy. I got to spend a lot of time near Alyson Hannigan while I was looking after Tom, which was lovely. I am pretty awkward, so I liked not having to talk to her a lot because - oh my god - fan girl alert. At the very end of the con, I did manage to babble a brief thank you for being Willow at her, and then she was off so I was able to slink away. Of course I had a photo with her! Behold!

Me and Alyson Hannigan

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

You can bet your bottom dollar that I was overjoyed to come home to my perfect little princess.


  1. It looks like 7 pieces of fruit in that "breakfast" -- how ridiculous!
    At least your dinner looked good, though! The natto & mushrooms sounds really interesting; that's great that you gave it a try & liked it! The ramens look fun, too!
    I'm sure Dim Sim was so happy to have you back home! :)

    1. It is such a ridiculous amount of food for what is meant to be a full meal!
      Dinner was definitely good! I made sure to go out somewhere fun each evening to make up for the lack lustre day.

  2. Those are some sad meals :(
    I actually like natto so I would of loved to try that dish but I would have to go without my husband. He hates the smell of natto.

    1. Interesting, I don't remember the natto having much of a smell. I definitely want to try it again, so will have to take a big sniff!

  3. I'm offended by that breakfast! What the hell!! I'm pleased that you've been able to pinpoint what's weird about that Tibetan breakfast burger, the bun is sweet! I knew there was something odd but I thought it was the mustard. I'm still annoyed at LOTF though, when I first ordered that burger it came with surprise chilli mayo and when I took it back and mentioned that I wouldn't be able to eat it the guy just shrugged and I had to buy a new one!!

    1. That is poor service from LOTF, also pretty sure that it doesn't come with chili mayo as standard because I have never specified normal mayo and it has never been spicy. Sounds like there stuff up.