Thursday, 24 August 2017

Eating Out: Vegerama West End (Pizza Edition)

I've eaten at Vegerama's West End restaurant a few times, but today I am going to do a little pizza round up. I actually think the pizzas are probably one of the best things on the menu, although I wouldn't mind if they went a little easier on the Daiya.

The day following my last post, Elizabeth and I hit up Vegerama to share some pizzas. This was the first time I'd had pizza there, and it was amazing!We had a lovely Roast Pumpkin Pizza, that also had spinach and a pesto swirl, as well as the Roast Artichoke Pizza, which also had eggplant and mushrooms.

Roast Pumpkin Pizza from Vegerama West End

Roast Artichoke Pizza from Vegerama West End

Roast Pumpkin and Roast Artichoke Pizzas from Vegerama West End

Another time I went for dinner after work to meet up with an Instagram friend who was visiting from The Netherlands. We both got pizzas. She got he Supreme, which I foolishly did not photograph. But I got the Four Corners. The pizza is divided into four sections with different toppings, and a border of olive tapanade between them. One of the quarters was meant to be capsicum, but I had them sub it out for me. My quarters were potato, pumpkin, zucchini and mushroom.

Four Corners Pizza at Vegerama

The above three pizzas were delicious, but they are no longer on the menu any more, as they change their options every now and then. I have had a couple of pizzas off the new menu. I got them to take away one evening, so they were a little cool by the time I got them home. But still yummy. One of the pizzas was a Margherita pizza, but the photo of it was so blurry. I figure you all know what a margherita pizza looks like, though.

First up is the Brassica, which had spinach, cauliflower, paprika, cheese, aioli and a fresh sprinkle of cucumber, tomato and onion on top. It was a nice, fresh tasting pizza.

Brassica Pizza from Vegerama

The other one was the Verde pizza. I see that they have recently changed their menu AGAIN! And this doesn't seem to be on it anymore. Anyway, as the name suggests it was very green, with spinach, broccoli and zucchini. It was meant to have green capsicum, but I had them leave it off. Sorry, this photo is a little blurry.

Verde Pizza from Vegerama

I think many people I know would agree that a pizza is probably the best bet at Vegerama, they are consistently good where as other menu dishes are hit and miss (and yet I continue to try them, the last ones I had were a big miss... more on that later). And really, pizza is the best so everyone wins!

Vegerama West End - Shop 2a 220 Melbourne St, West End, QLD - 07 3255 3388

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim in my arms

My baby girl in my arms. She actually spent most of the time that I was writing this post sitting on my lap, except for the times I had to go and check on something in the kitchen, when I would scoop her up and carry her with me, before we returned to the computer. Such a sweetie.


  1. Aww Dim Sim! Such a cutie! I'm so with you on the pizza being the best thing at VegeRama, I didn't actually try anything else on their menu but y'know it's pizza so of course it's better than everything else!

    1. I had another pizza there on the weekend and it was delicious!

  2. Yum! Sadly both the veg restaurants here closed within months of each other. Finding good veg food out now is a challenge, but a new vegan restaurant has opened in my state capital and the photos on their Facebook page look incredible.

    1. That's a shame that they both closed. :( Hopefully someone will open another one and there will be a surge of interest!

  3. That's a shame that they change their menu so much, but it's great that you've gotten to try a nice variety of pizzas! The Roast Artichoke Pizza sounds fun to me!
    Dim Sim's expression is adorable in that snuggly picture with you! :)

    1. It's strange because they didn't change their menu for years, and now they have changed it twice in the last six months!