Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Eating Out: Greenhouse Canteen and Bar

At the end of last year, my friend Elizabeth was up for the Animal Activist Forum. After it was over, we spent some time eating some food! At the end of the final day, we went for dinner at the Greenhouse Canteen & Bar. I had eaten at their previous location before, but they had since moved (a little closer to Brisbane, handily) and I had heard good things. So off we went!

We started with a shared plate of Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, which had almond feta, basil and hummus in them. I haven't had many stuffed zucchini flowers before, and these were very nice and delicate, though at one per person they were a very light start to the meal!

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers from Greenhouse

I couldn't go past the Adzuki Bean Gourmet Hotdawg - a homemade adzuki bean sausage in a bun topped with caramelised onions, sauerkraut, slaw and mustard. The sausage on its own was kind of mushy, but all together it worked really well and was very tasty. Just kind of small for a main meal (if only it came with a side!).

Adzuka Bean Gourmet Hotdawg from Greenhouse

Elizabeth had the Savoury Socca, a chickpea pancake topped with lots of vegetables and sauces (sorry, I can't quite remember and the menu has changed since then). It was very large, though she remarked that the pancake was a bit sludgy and the flavour wasn't all there.

Savoury Socca from Greenhouse

Still kind of peckish after our food, we decided to order the Antipasto Platter, which was an excellent decision! Nut cheeses, dips, crackers, pickles, antipasto and fruit, it was an amazing end to the meal and so much fun to work out way through all the different options!

Antipasto Board from Greenhouse

Unfortunately they were all out of baked desserts, and only had coconut oil heavy raw desserts in the cabinet, so I had to skip dessert.

The Greenhouse menu changes seasonally, as well as specials, so I would definitely like to check it out again sometime. They also have a small section where they sell cute vegan clothes and accessories!

Greenhouse Canteen & Bar - 1916 Gold Coast Highway, Miami, Gold Coast, Queensland 4220 - 07 5520 7722

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


It's Aurora again! Can you believe that this adorable doof hasn't found a home yet? If you are in Brisbane and want to meet her, let me know!


  1. Your meal looks really beautiful!
    I really can't believe beautiful Aurora hasn't been adopted. She is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    1. She's such a cutie, I hope she gets a home soon.
      They do very pretty food there.

  2. That socca pancake looks amazing. And good call ending with antipasto platter!

  3. holy cow! I would never guessed that was a hotdog! So much stuff!

    1. It certainly was hidden under a mountain of toppings! I couldn't actually fit the whole thing in my mouth.