Monday, 31 October 2016

MiniMoFo 2016. Tomorrow, it begins.

Tomorrow is the start of VeganMoFo 2016! And I am super excited. I have been planning and preparing for weeks! To get us into the MoFo mood, they had a series of Mini MoFo challenges over the last six weeks. I shared these photos on Instagram, but thought I'd round them up here to prepare for tomorrow.

The first challenge was to make you signature dish. I don't really have one, I work my way through cookbooks. So I shared my signature lunch! A green sautee bowl. Basically anything in the house gets thrown in.

MiniMoFo: Green Lunch Bowl

The second challenge was to share something from your foodie crush. I have been recipe testing for Celine Steen's new cookbook, and I am crushing hard on it. These are the Pulled Jackfruit Rolls and Sweet Potato Fries.

MiniMoFo: Foodie Crush

For the third and final MiniMoFo challenge, they asked us to make something to welcome the Autumn or Fall. Or, in my case, Spring! Southern Hemisphere represent! I made these spring salad and avocado wraps, using broccoli and kale wraps. Now that it is getting warmer, sautees for lunch aren't floating my boat as much as something cooler and crunchier.

MiniMoFo: Spring Salad Wraps

I can't wait for tomorrow, and to see all the fun posts and new bloggers I will discover!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


A close up of one of those teeny kittens from last post. I love his little Ewok face!


  1. I'll be a spectator this year because I fear I will crumble under the pressure of the MoFo and run back into my hidey hole. But I'm glad to see that you'll be participating! Lookit that tiny little Ewokitty! <3

    1. Spectating is good!
      He is such a silly cute kitty.

  2. I forgot to sign up this year. :-( But I checked out the prompts, thinking I'd do it anyway, and it sounds like more cooking than I can handle in a week. I MIGHT come up with my own theme before tomorrow. Or I might just saw screw it this year and blog as normal but check out everyone else's blogs! Can't wait to see what you've come up with!

    1. I am glad to see you are doing it now. :)

  3. Ooooh that pulled jackfruit sandwich looks great!
    The wraps look really good too! Happy MoFo!! I'm super behind in blogging... not a great way to start MoFo. Ah well. Hoping to get caught up soon.
    Those little kitten faces are so completely adorable =)

    1. The sandwich was great. I am really excited about Celine's book.