Monday, 3 October 2016

Eating Out: Loving Hut

A couple of months ago, my wonderful friend Leigh visited Brisbane with her partner, for three days of glorious eating fun times! They were staying near me, which meant that I could kidnap them and drive them around to all the food places. For Saturday lunch, we went to Loving Hut. Loving Hut opened in Brisbane shortly after I moved back from uni, which was helpful because it was right around the corner from the clinic I was mostly at when I was still an intern (I still work at that clinic once a fortnight, but I mostly work out of one of our other clinics now). I have a soft spot for it, and have eaten all of the menu (except the stir-fried veggies because I can do that at home). I don't go quite as often anymore, but I still enjoy it when I do! Leigh and I had a hilarious dinner there many years ago where we ate so much that I had to literally lie down on the seat, so it is fond memories for us as well. As added excitement, there was also a bake sale fund raiser going on that day for Farm Animal Rescue, so there were some treats to be had! We met up with two of our other friends and their daughter for lunch, and a lot of food was ordered!

I love their Summer Rolls ($7.80), which are always fresh and tasty.

Summer Rolls from Loving Hut

I ordered their Lasagne ($13.99), which is not one of my two regular dishes (normally I always order Beijing Black Bean or Seven Seas). I do love lasagne, but I keep forgetting that they top theirs with a weird sweet white sauce, that kind of tastes like Kingland Soy Mayo.

Lasagne from Loving Hut

They also have a Rawsome Spaghetti dish ($9.90), which Brendan and Diana ordered. I am rarely if ever into raw zucchini, but if that floats your boat the option is there.

Raw Marinara from Loving Hut

Brendan also ordered the Sweet and Sour Nuggets ($13.20). These were the first thing that I ever ordered from there, all those years ago! It also reminded me that, except for very specific circumstances, I don't really like sweet and sour. However, if you are into deep fried nuggets and sweet and sour sauce, I have it on good authority that this is a good one!

Sweet and Sour Nuggets from Loving Hut

Leigh and J ordered the Norther Pan Bread ($7.50) and the Heavenly Salad ($9.90), which are polar opposites but two of my favourite things. The pan bread is oily, carby, salty deliciousness. And the heavenly salad is so wonderfully fresh, light and crunchy.
Northern Pan Bread and Heavenly Salad from Loving Hut

Diana got the Crispy Yum, which is a sweet and slightly spicy sauce on fried 'chicken' chunks, with rice and some crisp greens.

Crispy Yum from Loving Hut

I love the Rosella Iced Tea ($6.90) to drink, it is sweet and refreshing.

Rosella Iced Tea from Loving Hut

Leigh and J ordered the Tom Yum Fried Rice ($12.80).

Tom Yum Fried Rice from Loving Hut

And the Loving Wrap ($13.99). I used to order this a lot early on. It is like a beancurd omelette wrapped around a tofu and veggie filling.

Loving Wrap from Loving Hut

It was a really nice lunch catching up with everyone. And we grabbed a couple of things from the bake sale, but I didn't take any photos. I made a few things for the bake sale as well, which was fun!

I have a couple of other photos from recent Loving Hut meals kicking around, so I thought I'd just share them here as well. This is the Peking Luck, which is a delicious duck pancake. It was a special, and I am not sure they have it anymore, but I would recommend it if they do.

Peking Luck at Loving Hut

For a brief and glorious time they also had hot cinnamon sugar doughnuts, which were quite lovely. But they seem to be gone now. Boo!

Doughnut at Loving Hut

And we had our ALQ volunteer meeting there a couple of months ago, where I ordered one of my favourites. The Seven Seas Delight is meant to be vegan fish... but it is not gross like I find most vegan fish and seafood. Instead it is just nicely seaweedy in flavour, with a nice sauce and is served with rice and veggies.

Seven Seas Delight at Loving Hut

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sahara on a bed

Leigh has a love for all her kitty nieces, but has a particular draw to Sahara. Sahara is very alluring. Here she is, looking very smug because she has managed to get onto her grandparents' bed for a snooze.


  1. I can't believe I've never eaten at a Loving Hut, after looking at all those pictures, I feel so deprived. Great minds think alike, I don't have any interest in any zucchini, and I also am not a fan of sweet and sour. Sneaky little Sahara!

    1. I've eaten at a few now, they always have the same cheese pie.
      Zoodles are just meh. I've tried them, but they leave a funny feeling in my mouth and I would much rather have a delicious bowl of carby pasta!

  2. That beancurd omelet wrap looks amazing. I'd be all over that. I tried to go to a Loving Hut once in Atlanta, but we drove around forever and couldn't find it! We even called, and they tried to direct us. But we gave up. Sigh.

    1. Oh no! That is so frustrating and sad. Thankfully ours is very easily located!

  3. I love seeing what each Loving Hut does. I guess each location kind-of does their own thing, especially when they are in different locations. The Peking Luck looks so yummy. I am a sucker for those build your own hand wraps type of meals.

    1. I am jealous of some of the things other ones have! I know the menu of ours too well. I want some variety! And some sandwiches!

  4. That sounds like such a fun day! I love how different the menu's at Loving Huts around the world are, the Seven Seas totally sounds like something I'd end up ordering again and again.

    1. The day didn't end there... We went on to eat even more food. Hee hee.
      Have you noticed that the Loving Huts tend to have the same cheesecake pie? I've seen it in a few in Australia, but also in Japan.

  5. The sweet and sour deep fried goodness has my name on it. This sounds like a great day. I dream of one day finding a Loving Hut. Hopefully they will think about opening one in Manchester.

  6. The tom yum fried rice looks the best. We have Loving Huts here, but I've never been a fan. It seems different though.

    1. The only one I have been to in the US is that one in the food court in the big shopping centre in San Francisco. I'd like to try some others, though, because it is fun to see the different menus.