Thursday, 21 July 2016

MidWeek Munchies

There isn't an official link up for Midweek Munchies anymore, but I've got a whole bunch of random photos of things I've been saving so I am going to resurrect it a little here to share some of these with you.

First up, some impulse chocolate buys from when I was at The Green Edge getting some bulk nooch a while ago. The Booja Booja Rhubarb and Vanilla Fool Truffles were absolutely divine! I love anything rhubarb, and these were just the right mix of sweet and tart. They were pricey ($10 for a small box), but worth it for a treat. I also enjoyed the No Whey chocolate bar, which was kind of like a Mars bar. I find the Go Max Go bars way too sweet for me, but this was a good sweetness level (though I still could have done with the chocolate being a bit darker). I haven't had the NuGo Dark Peanut Butter Cup bar yet, but if it is anything like the NuGo Skinny Chocolate Peanut Butter bar I had when I was in the US last year, it will be amazing.

Impulse chocolate buys

Sausage rolls often left me feeling a bit queasy in my pregan days, so when I could never find a vegan one that was worth eating I didn't feel like I was really missing out on anything too much. However my friend Leigh has the best sausage roll recipe in the world! The recipe is available in her book Wrapped in Pastry, though that is out of print. It is based on lentils and quinoa, which I love! She has also created a simplified version, which is still a tester recipe, and it is also delicious. These sausage rolls here were gobbled up so fast!

Sausage Rolls

I tried some of the Tofurky Lightly Seasoned Chik'n Pieces (I've had a few flavours now). They were OK, but I am not in love with the texture.

Tofurky Lightly Seasoned Chick'n

I picked up this frozen strawberry mochi cake from a Japanese grocery, which was very nice.

Strawberry mochi

This was an outstanding snack I made one day when I was just super lazy. It is a celery stick with vegan Kewpie and a rolled up Tofurky slice. Trashy, yet wonderful.

Celery-Kewpie-Tofurky snack

The Noosa Chocolate Factory Dark Rocky Road is vegan and delicious. They have perfected vegan marshmallow and jelly, and it is so satisfying to munch on a big, beautiful slab of it.

Noose Chocolate Factory Dark Chocolate Rocky Road

Going waaaayyyyy back to Easter, I love hot cross buns. You can get hot cross buns pretty easily here at Easter, both in the supermarket and from Baker's Delight. Also from some vegan-friendly cafes as well. Enjoyed with juice or a hot chocolate, hot cross buns are always welcome!

Hot Cross Buns and hot chocolate

Hot Cross Bun and juice

I was given some Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg. So far I have only used it once to make a scramble. I had heard it needed seasoning, and a small taste confirmed this, so I stirred through some locally made cashew cheese and herb spread. It was nice, but not amazing. The texture was not really scrambled eggs, which is a plus if you are me because I find eggs disgusting and approached the Vegan Egg with suspicion. I definitely still prefer scrambled tofu. I am keen to make a quiche with it.

The Vegan Egg

And finally, a marvelous toasted sandwich. It has vegemite, tomato and cheese (Daiya Swiss slices), and it is glorious and savoury.

Cheese, tomato and Vegemite toasted sandwich

What snacks have you been enjoying recently?

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


Flashback to this little cutie and her sheepie in hospital. Her name was Oz.


  1. Great selection. I must do some more Mid Week Munchies posts, they are fun. I love your celery snack, I thought it was a rolling pin when I first saw the picture!

    1. They are fun posts, would love to see them again on other blogs.

  2. I made a pretty good quiche with the Follow Your Heart Egg. They have a recipe on their site, and I followed it, but made much more than I expected. It filled 2 pie pans! But that might of been because I put a lot of veggies in it XD I used vegetable stock instead of water, used a blender to make it super frothy, and since I didn't have creamer, I used 3/4 cup cashews. It turned out pretty good once it cooled down a little. I froze the extra one for another day.

    1. I will look that up! Though possibly halve it, as I will also want to put in a heap of veggies.

  3. The sausage rolls look delicious, as well as the rocky road! The celery snack had me flabbergasted, and I had to look up what Kewpie was, haha! :)

    1. The celery snack is one of my finest snacking moments. ;)

  4. YUM! Those sausage rolls sound awesome, and I do love me some Vegan Egg (I actually like it better than tofu scram!). Also love Booja Booja truffles. I don't think we can buy them here, but Stephanie brought me some back from the UK last year. So good.

    1. The Booja Booja truffles are always amazing! I think that is definitely the best flavour I have had from them.

  5. "There isn't an official link up for Midweek Munchies anymore"
    You could always host it =) I'm glad you are carrying on the tradition, I enjoyed that link up.
    I am super jealous of the rhubarb chocolates. They sound insane!!! You liked the No Whey? I've seen them around, but haven't tried them yet. And I used to love Mars bars in my pre-vegan days... It's funny you say you find the Go Max bars too sweet as I used to love them and buy them every chance I could get (as they aren't easy to get near me, they are easily an hour drive to places I don't regularly go). But I just bought one the other day and had a hard time eating it because it was so sweet. I guess my tastebuds are maturing haha ;p
    I don't find the thought of sausage rolls particularly appealing, but the ones your friend made with quinoa and lentils sound quite delicious.
    The mochi cake looks good! And very pretty =)
    Haha trashy food is normally the best food ;p What is kewpie?
    The dark rocky road looks pretty phenomenal. Wow.
    I wasn't too keen on the vegan egg. I thought it was just ok. I tried making a scramble out of it and also much prefer tofu myself. Let us know if you try the quiche route.
    Ah kitty and sheepie are so adorable =)

    1. I think sausage rolls are very Australian, and certainly the premise of the non-vegan sausage roll is totally gross. But this vegan version would win you over. ;)
      Kewpie is Japanese mayo. There is now a vegan version available. It is great!