Saturday, 16 July 2016

Melbourne 2016 (Part 2)

The reason for the trip to Melbourne was to go and see RuPaul's Battle Of the Seasons, which featured my very favourite and most beloved queen, the incomparable Jinkx Monsoon. In case you don't know, Jinkx is the prettiest, funniest, most talented queen ever ever ever. I am besotted.

Although they were coming to Sydney and Brisbane, Leigh and I went to Melbourne to see the show with some Melbourne friends (and because any excuse to eat food in Melbourne is worth it). We went for a pre-show dinner at Yong Green Food, one of my favourite places in Melbourne.

I was excited to try the new ramen on the menu, made with locally handmade noodles. You could pick between a spicy broth or a shoyu broth, I picked the shoyu. This was very yummy, though I would have liked a few more vegetables!

Ramen from Yong Green

Elyce got the new Yin and Yang Charger, which is a set meal with several small components. It looked pretty great! And Leigh went for salads - a mix of the Soba Noodle Salad (with a delicious creamy wasabi dressing) and the Vietnamese coleslaw. Michelle went for the towering chicken burger, and Elyce's partner had the Mock Chicken Wrap.

Tin and Yang Charger from Yong Green

Soba Noodle Salad and Vietnamese Slaw from Yong Green

Mock Chicken Burger from Yong Green

Mock Chicken Wrap from Yong Green

After dinner, it was on with the show! Michelle's GPS tried to have us axe murdered by going through a fairly deserted rail depot, but we got there safe and sound. And the show was magical! Sharon Needle's had us in tears with a moving tribute to David Bowie and her former kitty. Detox did an amazing performance to the song from Mannequin (one of my favourite songs ever), and Jinkx.... well, Jinkx was EVERYTHING and more. She is the best!! After the show, we had a hysterical drive to drop us back at our hotel, then we all tweeted at each other in very high and silly spirits for awhile. It was an amazing evening.

The next morning, Leigh and I decided to try yet another new place for breakfast. We had passed by Something More the previous day, and thought it would be fun to try as they had a few vegan things on their menu. Sadly, their chai was honey-based, so instead I kick-started my morning with the Elixer of Life - Ginger, lemon, turmeric and orange. It was bracing! For breakfast I had 'The One Before Ten', which had sauteed mushrooms, pickled beets and shredded vegetables with a sesame horseradish dressing on buckwheat tortillas, and some avocado on the side. I did have to pick out some capsicum and chili, but once they were gone it was delicious! I really liked it. Leigh had coffee and the Something Green made vegan. Kale, spinach, chili, pickled apple, walnuts, avocado, grains and a red pepper dressing. Normally it has an egg on it, but they left it off.

Elixer of Life from Something More

The One Before Ten from Something More

Something Green from Something More

After breakfast, we popped down the street to Smith & Deli so I could get a chai and we could check out their treats. They have croissants on Saturdays, and when we got there they had all sorts - including chocolate and raspberry and a Reuben-stuffed croissant. Previously their croissants have been too full of coconut oil for me, so I didn't get any. But I found out the next day that they don't use coconut oil any more! Next time I am getting all the croissants. I did pick up a Raspberry Crumble Slice and another one of the Strawberry Hibiscus curd cookies!

Rasberry Crumble Slice and Strawberry Hibiscus Curd Cookie from Smith & Deli

Afterwards, Leigh had a nap while I went for a walk in Carlton Gardens before lunch. Behold some gardens!

Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens

For lunch, we went back to Smith & Deli to meet up with our friend Taylor for more sandwiches. Oh, I forgot to mention in my last post that during our first visit to Smith & Deli they had loaded hot chocolates. I had a peanut butter hot chocolate and it was amazing!! They didn't them at this visit, though. Taylor got The Club Sandwiches Not Seals, which is his favourite. I am keen to try it at a future visit! Leigh and I shared The Wiggum (BBQ grilled tofu, maple BBQ sauce, slaw, pickles & chipotle aioli) and the Foghorn Legless (Chicken schnitzel, bacon, lettuce, tomato, ranch & celery salt). The chicken schnitzel was tempeh-based, which I loved! They were both great sandwiches!

Club Sandwiches Not Seals from Smith & Deli

The Wiggum and The Foghorn Legless from Smith & Deli

The Wiggum from Smith & Deli

The Foghorn Legless from Smith & Deli

I also got a Chocolate Mousse Tart with Poached Pears and Rhubarb. This was one of the only baked goods from the Deli that I didn't enjoy, the mousse was strange and greasy. At least it looked pretty.

Chocolate Mousse Tart with Rhubarb and Roasted Pear from Smith & Deli

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim


More photos sent from home!


  1. Everytime I see a cat with one eye I can't help but feel like they are winking at me. I don't get that effect when seeing them in person (my Grandma has a cat named Winkie who has one eye, and it is mostly blind. Poor kitty!)

    All that food looks amazing, and you know, Drag Queens make it more amazing. It is nice they switched the recipe from coconut oil. I hear you get better croissant results anyways from other kinds of vegan butters.

    1. Mo from the Deli said that they changed from coconut oil because the new options make for much better croissants. Which is the best news in my book!

  2. Pretty garden photos! The sandwiches look great! :)

    1. I love meandering about gardens. They are a nice way to spend some holiday time.

  3. Sounds like a great show! Glad you got to laugh it up with some friends - I'm sure that made the show even better =)
    Sounds like you had some great eats, too! The shoyu bowl looks so good!
    The Carlton Gardens are so pretty, the bridge over the pond is so whimsical.
    The chocolate tart!!!!

    1. The show was definitely enhanced by having some great friends to watch it with. It was so much fun.
      I really love bridges in gardens when I am visiting them.