Thursday, 28 July 2016

Eating Out: Charlie's Raw Squeeze Everton Park (and Ashgrove Express)

I haven't forgotten Charlie's Raw Squeeze, I just haven't been going as often. Especially given that there is a new Thai place right up the road from work that I am in love with (more on that in a future post). This post is a combination of a few different trips to Charlies. These first ones are from the Everton Park branch.

A while ago I got the Marinated Eggplant Salad, which is no longer available. I really liked the roasted cauliflower, sweet potato and quinoa components, but the eggplant itself was way too oniony. I also picked up a yummy Neopolitan Cloverly cupcake from there. They no longer serve it with the wafer, because they get soggy so quickly, but I was lucky enough to get one from the first batch. I loved the wafer!

Marinated Eggplan and Cauliflower Salad from Charlie's Raw Squeeze Everton Park

Neopolitan Cupcake by Cloverly Cupcakes

A while ago I went to order a bunch of new drinks they had available. First up, the Red Velvet Veggie Smoothie, which has beetroot, avocado, celery, red apple, maple syrup, frozen banana and coconut milk. It was delicious! This was on special for $5 when I got it because it was a new flavour. I also got a $9.90 juice and salad combo. For the juice I tried the new Give Me A Mandy juice, which is mandarins, carrots and ginger. I LOVED it! It is my new favourite juice from there. I also got my favourite Black Bean Falafel Salad.

Red Velvet Smoothie from Charlie's Raw Squeeze Everton Park

Mandarin, Carrot and Ginger Juice from Charlie's Raw Squeeze Everton Park

Falafel and Black Bean Salad from Charlie's Raw Squeeze Everton Park

Another time they had a special for a free juice with any salad (follow them on Instagram for their daily specials if you are in the area), so I got the Taco Salad. I had had it once before, and I loved it, but it is expensive ($15.99 if not part of a salad special... though I have noticed they have them for $9.90 taco Tuesdays now), so I don't get it often. Unfortunately it was not great like the previous one. The walnut meat really just seemed to be crumbled, dry walnuts (yuck), and the sauces were just blah. Disappointment. (I got another Mandy juice for my free juice.)

Taco Salad from Charlie's Raw Squeeze at Everton Park

Charlie's is opening up a bunch of new locations in addition to their Everton Park and Greenslopes ones. They recently opened an Express location at Ashgrove, which is a teeny bit closer to work than the Everton Park one. We went for a $9.90 salad and juice special one lunch to check it out. As an express location, they don't have the full range of juices, smoothies, bowls and nice creams that the regular locations had. This meant that tragically I couldn't get my Mandy Juice. I got another juice, and I got their new Baba salad to try. It seems to be an updated version of their previous eggplant one, but without the cauliflower. It has rainbow salad, sweet potato and corn, kidney beans and rice, and baba ghanoush. It was nice.

Baba Salad from Charlie's Raw Squeeze

I think in the future I will still go to the Everton Park one, as it has my favourite juice and is really only an extra five minutes compared to the Ashgrove one. Also a vegan bakehouse has opened up right next to the Everton Park one, so there's that. More to come on that new development once I have visited it!

Charlie's Raw Squeeze at Charlie's Fruit Market - 473 South Pine Road, Everton Park, Brisbane - 3855 3966

Charlie's Raw Squeeze Ashgrove Express - 486 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove, Brisbane

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sleepy sisters

Sleeping sisters. Two kitties, no waiting.


  1. I think the falafel salad sounds best! But the one with baba ganoush sounds pretty damn good too!

  2. I'm not big on juice, but they look pretty and the Mandy one looks really good (I may be biased as it's my sister's name haha).
    Too bad the taco salad wasn't good - that's definitely the one I would have wanted to try. But the falafel one looks good too! I wish we had places like this near where I lived...

    1. The taco salad was great the first time I tried it... maybe it was just an off day. Still, disappointing!