Saturday, 21 May 2016

Eating Out: Boundary Street Markets and Vegerama West End

One Friday, I met up with my friend Ashleigh to visit a Medieval exhibit at the museum before if stopped showing (no photos were allowed in the exhibit, but it was pretty nifty). We also went and saw a 3D dinosaur exhibit, which was super cool! I love dinosaurs. Here's a dino skeleton.


I was meeting up with another friend for dinner, but Ashleigh and I decided to visit the Boundary Street Markets (at their old location, they have just had to move) for some dessert first. It was my first (and so far only) time visiting the markets, but we had heard good things about vegan options. Unfortunately, the cupcake stand that had amazing vegan cupcake flavours had moved two weeks ago to a market on the other side of the city, but there were still lots of things around (including vegan dumplings and vegan paella). One of the stalls there is Get Vegan With Jadda, which had several vegan options (including a few demo dishes out the front the tempt people in). I was going out for dinner shortly, but I was very thirsty after yoga that morning, so I had a Watermelon Daiquiri (just watermelon, mint and ice... no alcohol), to refresh myself.

Samples from Go Vegan with Jadda at Boundary Street Markets

Watermelon Daquiri from Get Vegan with Jadda at Boundary Street Markets

The main reason we were there was for doughnuts. There are two doughnut stalls there - Plant Based Doughnut Co. and The Organic Frog. I had heard that the Plant Based doughnuts contained a bit of coconut oil when they first started, so I hadn't actively looked for them. The girl at the stall had no idea about the ingredients, only the flavours, so I picked a Strawberry and Cream and hoped for the best. It was good, but heavier and sweeter than my ideal doughnut. The Organic Frog makes gluten-free vegan cinnamon sugar doughnuts. I had tried one once from The Green Edge, and it was awful - oily and bitter and soggy. Obviously because it had been sitting around on a counter for a few days, because when I had a fresh one it was amazing! Hot and delicious! Fresh from the stall is the only way to go with these ones.

Strawberries and Cream Doughnut from Plant Based at Boundary Street Markets

Cinnamon Doughnuts from The Organic Frog at Boundary Street Markets

We met up with my friend Brendan for dinner at Vegerama West End. Brendan ordered one of their fancy juices, this time a Tropical Trip (watermelon, orange, passion fruit, mint, $8). Ashleigh and I each had a turmeric shot ($5). I wish I had ordered a larger drink as well, because attracting the attention of a waiter to refill the water glasses on the table was nearly impossible. Just bring a jug to the table and leave it, I hate having to flag someone down every time I need more water.

Tropical Trip Juice from Vegerama West End

Turmeric Shots from Vegerama West End

For dinner I ordered the Grilled Tofu Steaks with Stir fry Asian greens, fresh udon noodles, and sesame dressing ($16.50). Unfortunately, although the components wall all good, the sauce was was too salty. A super salty sauce and an inability to attract someone to come and refill my water glass made for an unpleasant time. I was so thirsty! Ashleigh got her favourite Cannelloni (which are gluten-free, $8.50), which she loved. Brendan got one of their pizzas, which was a pretty generous size! No pizza photo because he got it with cheese and I only have vegan food photos on this blog, but they are able to make many of the pizzas vegan and gluten-free if required.

Grilled Tofu Steaks from Vegerama West End

Cannelloni from Vegerama West End

After dinner we said goodbye to Ashleigh, and Brendan and I headed back into South Bank (and in search of more water... I was pretty much Fred from the episode The Price in Angel... I would have taken water from anywhere). We were going to see a performance of Dear Albert as part of the World Science Festival Brisbane. Dear Albert is a play of three people reading letters between Albert Einstein and people in his life. It was entertaining and witty. Most importantly, it was written by Alan Alda. And even more importantly, while he wasn't in the play, he introduced it and also came on stage at the end for some science talk with Brian Green. Alan Alda, ladies and gentlemen, I just love him!

No photos from the play (they weren't allowed), but here are a couple of photos of Southbank at night. We had about half an hour before the show started to have a wander. I finally got to see the Brisbane sign all lit up!

WSF Brisbane

Brisbane Sign

It was a really fun afternoon and evening.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

I gave a Sahara update the other day, now for a Dim Sim update. She also had her senior check done. She's had borderline kidneys for the last couple of years, and this test came back showing she really does have kidney disease now. It is only very early (stage 2 IRIS, for those who follow kidney staging in cats), and she is otherwise doing fine. Of course, even though I talk to people every week about their kitty's kidney disease at work, I am not able to be quite so calm about my own baby. I'm a mother first, vet second when it comes to my girls. But basically I am just transitioning her onto a special kidney diet, and hopefully she will stay stable in this early stage for a very long time to come.


  1. Oh no. Poor Dim Sim. I hope she stays well for a very long time too. She obviously has all the very best care with a vet for a Mum :)

    1. Thanks. I have had a firm talking to her about her kidneys not getting any worse. ;)

  2. Poor cat. I don't know how people give their cats special diets since most people let their cats eat whenever they want, don't they just eat out of each other bowls then?

    1. Set meal times, supervised feeding, feeding in different rooms if required. At one point we had four cats on four different diets! You make it work. :)

  3. Awww, hugs to Dim Sim & best of luck with her special diet!

  4. More doughnuts! And gluten-free ones at that. Yum.
    That's too bad about the dinner. I drink a ton of water, so I would have also been very disappointed at not getting refills... especially when the meal itself is overly salted :/
    The play sounds interesting. And Alan Alda is pretty awesome =)
    I'm so sorry about Dim Sim. I'm hoping the diet change will help keep things stable. Poor kitty. And poor you. Wishing your kitty some nice, healing vibes.

    1. So salty.... so thirsty...!
      Thou doughnuts were great! And thanks for your nice thoughts for Dim Sim. She is comletely unconcerned by it all, of course. :)