Saturday, 27 February 2016

Eating Out: Vegerama West End (Dinosaur edition)

Phew, I have had a busy couple of weeks. Lots of thesis writing, working and preparing for a bake sale. I haven't had much time for blogging! Though I have been sure to make time to read all my favourite blogs! So here is another eating out post, because they are quick and easy! I have infinity recipe round ups still in the wings though, so they will be back soon!

Back in January I went into town with a friend to see a super cool dinosaur exhibit. Dinosaurs are cool! This one had huge screens where dinosaurs roamed around and looked at you and did dinosaur things. It was pretty fun. We were the only adults there without kids, but dinosaurs are for all ages! My favourite dinosaur is the stegosaurus. They had Steve the Stegosaurus wandering around in the background. But you could get up close with Princess the T-Rex.

Princess the T-Rex


It was nice to be out and about. If you ignore the fact that the river water is disgusting and would likely kill you if you dipper a toe in, Brisbane is quite pretty. It was also a lovely cool and overcast day.

Brisbane River

Because we were in the area, we decided to take a little walk and do to Vegerama at West End for lunch.

We all started with the beautiful Liver Cleansing Juice ($8) that I fell in love with last time.

Liver Cleansing Juice from Vegerama West End

Ashleigh had the cannelloni that I had last time, and also a side of Roast Garlic Vegetables ($7), which I shared with her.

Roasted Vegetables from Vegerama West End

Bec and I both had the Sweet Potato Gnocchi ($17.50), which I had heard a lot about. This was nice, but I was a little meh about it after my high expectations. The gnocchi were good, but the chive cream sauce was oddly cold and the king brown mushrooms needed a bit more seasoning. Also, a teeny serving!

Gnocchi from Vegerama West End

For dessert, Ashleigh and Bec both got the Chocolate Cheesecake (sorry, I am not sure on the price). I tried a little bit, and I am glad I just had a little bit because it had a lingering taste of coconut fat. But very moreish as well. I probably would have nommed a whole slice even knowing that it would make me feel sick. Tasty.

Chocolate Cheesecake from Vegerama West End

Vegerama West End - Shop 2a 220 Melbourne St, West End, QLD - 07 3255 3388

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Shauna Sleeping Silly

A throwback photo to Shauna, who is sleeping in a very silly position. Shauna belonged to a staff member at work, and sometimes used to stay upstairs in the intern flat. Sadly she is no longer with us. She used to sleep with me when I was on call and drool on my pillow!


  1. Liver cleansing claims aside that juice looks great, I love the fancy apple slice! I'd have totally ordered that choc cake too, it looks delish'.

    1. It is such a pretty and yummy juice. My liver can cleanse itself just fine without a juice intervention, but my taste buds love this juice. :)

  2. That dinosaur exhibit sounds like fun! I totally know what you mean about going to an event and realizing everyone there is a kid or with a kid. David and I went to see Macklemore earlier this month, and everyone there was either college aged or was a parent with a 10 year-old. David and I joked that we'd have to pretend our "kids" were somewhere else in the building... ;)

    That's too bad that the gnocchi was underwhelming. I hate when you look forward to something, and then it doesn't measure up.

    1. The dinosaurs were super fun. I am going to another dinosaur exhibit in Melbourne in July... during school holidays... I expect that my friend and I will be the only kid-free adults there as well. ;)

  3. Shauna is gorgeous! I love drooling cats! It is totally weird that the sauce served with gnocchi would be cold. At least you had fun with dinosaurs! The liver cleansing juice is so beautiful by the way!

    1. Shauna was lovely, even if I did have a soggy pillow in the morning. ;)
      Dinosaurs definitely made up for the weird sauce with the gnocchi.

  4. The gnocchis look good, but I would be really sad to get such a small serving.

    1. I know... so teeny! And it was not all that cheap either. When I think of gnocchi I think of a nice big steamy bowl of comfort.