Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Eating Out: Pu Kwong (Birthday edition)

Pu Kwong has been around for years, and it quite close to my house, however I have not been there in a very long time because it used to be pretty hit and miss in terms of both quality and service. However, I recently found out that they changed management awhile ago, and now I only ever hear good things about them. So for my birthday dinner with my parents it seemed like a good chance to try them out again. And I am glad I did! Pu Kwong is all vegetarian, but does use milk and eggs in some things (even though their menu says no animal products on it when referring to the 'meat'), but most of the egg dishes are clearly marked and if you let them know you are vegan they will look out for you.

For a starter we shared some Steamed Bean Curd Rolls ($5), which were lovely. The yuba was wrapped around a great mushroom filling.

Steamed Bean Curd Rolls

The Singapore Noodles ($11.90) were my dad's pick. They were tasty, though a little dry. It does contain vegan prawns, which I really don't like, but Dad was happy to eat all of them for me!

Singapore Noodles

Mum picked the Duck in Plum Sauce ($14.90). Sometimes I find vegan duck to be too fatty, and while this was certainly on the fatty side it wasn't overwhelmingly so. The sauce was sweet but tangy, and it was served over greens.

Duck in Plum Sauce

I picked the Tofu and Eggplant Hot Pot with Special Sauce ($16.90), because I cannot say no to tofu and eggplant hotpots ever. This was my favourite of the three dishes. The eggplant was perfect! I am not sure what was in the special sauce, but it was a little sweet.

Tofu and Eggplant Hot Pot with Special Sauce

I was really happy with Pu Kwong, it is greatly improved since the old management! I look forward to eating there again. The restaurant itself is not fancy, but is cheerful and clean. And the service was good. I'll be back!

Pu Kwong Vegetarian Restaurant - 2796 Logan Road, Underwood, Queensland - 07 3841 8999

Another bonus birthday edition photo! This year my mum made me a vegan cake! She veganised a recipe I used to love when I was younger, which is a Mississippi Mud Cake recipe from an old Australian Women's Weekly Cakes and Slices cookbook. This is a serious mud cake, it is so dense and fudgey without being too sweet. It was lovely to have a birthday cake. :)

Mississippi Mud Cake

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


Close-up of Sahara's face!


  1. I think my mum has that cookbook somewhere, unless it moved to the op shop during the last cookbook cull. Looks like you had a great birthday meal :D And bwahaha Sahara's face looking all scholarly.

    1. Sahara is a very serious cat!
      I think it is one of the classic WW cookbooks. Not as iconic as the birthday cake cookbook, of course!

  2. Looks like a very tasty birthday! I've never had vegan duck. The cake looks AMAZING!

    1. It was all lovely and tasty! The cake was great, I ate so much of it!

  3. Sounds like a great birthday dinner! The steamed bean curd rolls look really tasty. I'm not sure I'd be interested in what your dad and mom got, but your hot pot looks super awesome. I'm not sure I've ever had hot pot (vegan or pre-vegan). I don't much like eggplant, but I bet in that dish it would be pretty good.
    That is so sweet of your mom to make you a vegan cake!!

    1. I really love hot pots when I go out to Asian-style restaurants. To be honest the duck wouldn't have been high on my list to choose, but it was fun to try a bit. I like a bit of mock meat now and then, but I much prefer veggies and tofu these days! Though wait until you see what we ordered the next time we went. LOL

  4. Awww, yay for your mum veganising a recipe you love! So cool! That eggplant dish looks great but I think the yuba would be my absolute fave'!