Friday, 13 November 2015

Eating Out: Greenhouse Factory (Birthday edition)

It was my birthday on Saturday. Normally I am not too fussed about celebrating birthdays, but as it fell on a weekend where I didn't have to work, I organised a lunch with friends. Originally we were going to go and have yum cha, but they were closed for renovations, so we instead went to Greenhouse Facotry, down at Coolangatta. I had been there once before.

A couple of people ordered the Chocolate Mylk smoothie (cashew milk, dates and cocoa) and raved about it, I had a little sip, and it was very nice ($8.50). I ordered the Seasonal Roots juice, which had beetroot, carrot, apple and orange ($8). It was lovely.

Chocolate Mylk and Roots Juice

And here is what everyone ordered!

Pete had the Breakfast Burrito, which had pesto-scrambled organic tofu, chilli house-made beans, organic greens, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms in a buckwheat wrap topped with pesto and avocado cream ($18).

Breakfast Burrito

Amy and Ashleigh shared a starter of Chickpea Fries ($7).

Chickpea Fries

Ashleigh had the Organic Sweet Potato, stuffed with chipotle black bean corn and quinoa salsa, avocado cream, and dressed organic greens ($19).

Baked Sweet Potato Bowl

Amy had the Soft Taco Duo, with mexican spiced walnut and mushroom meat, topped with blackbean quinoa salsa, fresh crispy vegetables, guacamole and house made sour cream in an organic corn tortilla ($18).


Bec had the Tostada Bowl, an organic buckwheat shell with quinoa, chilli corn bean, brown rice, red quinoa, raw shredded vegetables, house-made avocado salsa and cashew sour cream ($18).

Tostada Bowl

And Sarah and I both had the Portobello Benedict, mushrooms stuffed with organic sweet potato, kale and pepita sand and topped with greenhouse turmeric hollandaise ($17). This was lovely! I had ordered a side of avocado as well, but then it came with avocado on top anyway (that's OK, because you can never have too much avocado). The only thing is I think Greenhouse might use a fair bit of coconut oil in their cooking, because I did pick up a hint of it, though not enough to make me feel sick. I would recommend this!

Portobello Benedict

I also ordered a small side of Organic Potato Hash ($4), and Amy and Ashleigh split a large side ($7). These were great.

Potato Hash

Everyone seemed quite happy with their food. Greenhouse is a lovely place, set overlooking the beach (inside and outside seating is available, I always sit inside because of my pale skin). There is a bathroom located down the side of the business. There are some fans inside, but no air conditioning for hot days. Overall I do really like Greenhouse, it is just a bit far away (an hour drive from my southside Brisbane home) to go there too often. It is all vegan and mostly GF.


And here are some bonus cupcakes! Greenhouse does have dessert, but they are generally all raw. Given my coconut fat sensitivity, raw desserts are generally out on account of all the coconut oil they use. So Amy organised some cupcakes from Cloverly Cupcakes, a Brisbane-based vegan cupcake empire. We had a selection of flavours, including Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chai and gluten-free Jaffa. I had the chocolate peanut butter cup, which was delicious!

Cloverly Cupcakes

It was a really lovely birthday lunch! I also went out with my parent's for birthday dinner, which I will be sharing in another post.

Cute Kitty of the Post

Dim Sim and Sahara with Catch Me If You Can

All I really need for my birthday, or for any day, is my cats. Here Dim Sim and Sahara watch the Cath Me If You Can toy that I got for them in Japan.


  1. phwoar that all looks so good. Especially the cat toy, bwahaha... need that here for sure. Happy birthday!

    1. Thank you. :) The catch me if you can is pretty fun.

  2. happy belated birthday! All of the food looks amazing, and always love the kitties.

  3. Such colorful food! Happy belated birthday! :D

    1. It is so colourful, they do beautiful presentation.

  4. Happy Birthday Susan!!!
    Birthdays are even better when they fall on a weekend! The Greenhouse Factory looks like it has AMAZING food. I'm drooling over here. The breakfast burrito especially... and the tostada. Oh! And the Potato Hash. Yum. And what a lovely view =)
    That was cute of your friends to make sure you had a non-coconut laden dessert.
    I hope you had a wonderful celebration - it certainly looks like you did =D

    1. The food there is great, I think it would be right up your alley. You should just hop and a plane and come visit. ;)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! All that food looks so yummy, esp the breakfast burrito. And those chickpea fries!

    1. Thank you! I think I might try the burrito next time.

  6. Happy Birthday for Saturday :)

  7. Chickpea fries! Potato hash! What a cool place to celebrate. Happy Birthday friend <3

    1. Thank you. It is definitely a cool place! If you make it down this way eventually, we can go there... and the million other places that the Gold Coast also has.