Monday, 4 May 2009

UK 2009 - And then it was over.

It's been a few days since I've last blogged, I had planned to have this wrapped up by now. I was working on my Masters, I had an actual meeting on Friday so I kind of had to ignore my fun procrastinations like this blog. But never fear, let's finish this thing!

After our adventures, I had one day left in London. We went and hung out at the Natural History Museum, then met up once again with my vegan friend Nicole (last seen at the Brighton Vegan Fayre). For lunch, we went and did a second take at Red Veg, which Nicole is just in love with.

So, here it is! It's a veganised Mushroom Veg Burger (yummy patty with mushrooms, vegan mayo and without the Swiss cheese), with some more of those delectable wedges and some Spicy Baby Corn Firesticks. I had heard much of these Firesticks, but to be honest I found them too deep fried and not very spicy. But the burger and the wedges were the stuff of vegan fast food dreams, and I have craved them often since.

After lunch, Nic took us to the Hunterian Museum, where we saw things in glass jars (very cool) and then Jen and I took Nic girly shopping at places like Accessorize and Monsoon and draped her in beautiful pink dresses. Hee. We also went into about a zillion tacky tourist shops, looking for tacky tourist presents for me to take home. For dinner, we scouted out a placed called Mildred's. We arrived just in time because that place fills up fast and they don't take reservations!

My starter was the Gyoza dumplings with mirin and soy dipping sauce (£5.25), which was lovely and tasty.

Nicole had the Tostada with grilled courgette and aubergine, lettuce, pico de gallo and guacamole (£5.25), which as you can see looks amazing!

And Jen had some Sweet potato fries with sour cream (£4.75), which were also greatly enjoyed (though without the sour cream for Nic and I, of course).

Nic and I both got the same main. It is the Mixed mushroom, porcini and ale pie served with fries and mushy peas (£8.75). It was really nice, though I think it could have been a bit more mushroomy! Hee.

For dessert, I got the Chocolate and raspberry truffle torte (£4.75), which was amazing. It was just like a thick block of chocolate mousse. So rich, so scrumptious! Even though the other two claimed they were too full for another bite, they both managed to help me out with this little lovely. Nom!

One thing about Mildred's is that there is a big queue forming for the dinner rush,. Because of this, you can feel a little bit hurried at times. Unfortunately for the waiters, most of the tables were full of groups of girls like us. And groups of girls do not do a dine and dash! After dinner, we rolled our way home.

The next day it was farewell to London, and hello to the plane. Which meant more plane food!

Shortly after take off we got this lovely thing for lunch/dinner. The potatoes and the beans were quite lovely, the pumpkin and spinach predictably watery. The salad was interesting and had cous cous. It was pretty good.

The thing is, I left London at 12pm and it is a 14 hour flight. However, because you get into Singapore in the morning, they decide to switch off the lights shortly after you have eaten this course and then they don't feed you again until the end! There are some snacks you can request, but they don't seem to consider them for vegans. Woe! So for the love of your stomach and your sanity - take some food with you for snacking!

Finally, they brought me this. Faint from hunger though I was, this paled in comparison to the breakfast of awesome I got on my way to London. Those croquette looking things were pretty blah and bland. But at least it was food.

Here ends my photo journey. Upon arriving in Singapore I started feeling really quite ill, and really quite desperate to be home, so I have to say that I didn't take photos of the next leg. Not that you have missed much. The lunch was a few strips of capsicum on some pasta (I got rid of the hated capsicum and just ate the pasta on its own) with no sauce and some salad. And for the snack just before we landed, they actually didn't have a vegan meal. They bought me a roast veggie sandwich with mayo, and when I asked if it was vegan they really couldn't say. So the lovely cabin man was so apologetic, and he brought me a banana, a pear and a couple of bread rolls at my request. Which was fine, because I was almost home.

And then I landed. And I went home. And my mum made Rogan Josh for dinner. And I was reunited with my cats. And I slept.

The End.

Except for the jet lag!

Thanks for reading through all my ramblings. I hope you enjoyed looking at the food as much as I enjoyed eating it! It truly was a delightful journey, both with food, sights and most of all, the company of my beloved Jen.

Now I can get back to blogging the hundreds of back logged photos I have! So be prepared for a storm.


  1. More awesome eats that you're teasing us non travellers with :P Seriously though..I want some of those wedges you had! Yum!!

    And did you get tacky tourist gifts? Pics of tacky tourist gifts please?!?! ;)

    Yay for being back with your kitties! I hate being away from mine.

  2. Your last day in London looks v.v.tasty! Red Veg looks a bit like Burger Fuel here in Sydney, it's yummo and so nice to get vegan fast food!

    Your meal at Mildred's also looks delicious, especially that cake! Omg, I want a slice, NOW!

  3. Looks like you had a fun vacation in England. And who knew that England could be so vegan friendly.

  4. I love visiting veg restaurants. It's so nice to have an overwhelming array of choices to choose from!