Sunday, 17 May 2009

Menu: Hearty Sicilian Supper from The Vegan Gourmet

Menu time again! You know how I love a menu, and this one was outstanding. It is called 'Hearty Sicilian Supper' and it is from The Vegan Gourmet.

This is Mushroom, Radish and Celery Salad with Lemon and Garlic. I have mixed up green leaves into it rather than serve it on lettuce leaves, because that is what floats my boat. It's a really nice combintion of subtle flavours. And it keeps for a couple of days for you to take to work or school.

I was very excited a while ago when I found some bucatini (or Tubular Spaghetti according to the packet) so I could make this dish - Bucatini with Green Beans, Tomatoes and Olives. It's a yummy, satisfying dish and looks great in a great big shallow bowl for people to serve themselves out of. Nom!

The surprise star of this menu, though, was undoubtedly Braised Turnips with Chives and Parsley. First I had to go on a turnip hunt, as it was only just coming into season for them. But success! This recipe is really simple, but something about the flavour and the texture and the smell is just utter outstanding!

And here it is, all plated up! There were also some bread roll, that aren't pictures here but they were a great addition as well. I give this menu five starts, and definitely suggest making it if you have this book.


  1. Hey! I've loved your blog! It's already in my favorites! It's cool to see what a vegan aussie eats.
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