Friday, 29 May 2009

People for dinner.

I live at home with my parents at the moment. While I love them, and enjoy cooking for them on a regular basis, it does make having friends over for dinner when they are home a bit awkward. It feels wrong to banish them away from the table when we are eating up a vegan storm of nom, but who wants to have their parents at every dinner party? Every now and then, however, they will go away or go out and I will not be on call. When this happens, it is dinner party time!

The last time this happened was a couple of months ago, and I had the lovely Jen and Freddy (soon to be a Mr and Mrs on the 6th of June!) over for dinner. I've cooked dinner for them a few times before, and it is always a lot of fun!

This is what was for dinner this most recent time:

Artichoke and Root Vegetable Gratin from Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson. Pretty nice, but not particularly filling on its own - even after I added some extra potatoes and parsnips. But makes a great side!

Which it did! I served it with Garlicky-Herb Marinated Tofu (also from Vegan Planet), a green salad and fresh bread rolls.

Dessert was Apple and Berry Crumble from Now Vegan by Lynda Stoner. Which didn't really crumble! The topping mixture is WAY to runny to ever be considered a crumble. So I hoped maybe it would turn out sort of like a cobbler instead. But it didn't quite, it never truly seemed to bake and was still a bit gloopy even after baking for a bit longer than required. It was still nice and yummy, but it just didn't have the texture one wants.

Served with So Good Vanilla Chai soy ice-cream, which is a perfect complement to every dessert! Hee.

Just a short post today because it is late and I have to work in the morning (an on-call weekend, boo), but lots more still to come!

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  1. I hear ya. I lived with my parents for a couple of months this year and it is hard work! I used to (and do again now) have my friends over once a week at least for dinner and it just seems wrong to when the olds are there!!

    Your food looks like it turned out really good though, that pud is ace looking.