Thursday, 22 January 2009

Veganomicon 'Picnic' Menu

As previously stated, I have an exreme compulsion to make any menu suggestion that I come across. It's like a sickness. Anyway, seeing as it is summer and apricots are overflowing the stores (mmmm... my favourite stone fruit!), I decided to make the 'Picnic Menu' from Vcon that I had been eyeing off all winter.

The centre piece for the menu - Apricot Baked BBQ Tofu. The sauce is the Apricot BBQ Sauce recipe, which uses fresh apricots in place of tinned tomatoes. It is fabulous. Tangy and smokey, with just a hint of apricot sweetness. The sauce recipe makes WAY more than you need for the tofu, so I have a couple of containers in my freezer awaiting their future fate. The tofu is baked initially, then smothered in the sauce and baked some more. I've made this with the more traditional Backyard BBQ Sauce recipe from Vcon as well, and it is just fabulous everytime.

Its picnic-themed side is the Prospect Park Potato Salad recipe. The recipe claims to make enough for a boatload, and I only used a quarter of the ingredients to make a smaller batch. Which made plenty for a hungry picnic party of four, so unless you want loads of left overs to eat for the next month, definitely look at cutting it down to suit your numbers! It was really delicious.

And here is the final plate:

So, we have obviously our BBQ Baked Tofu and our Prospect Park Potato Salad. We also have the suggested side of corn on the cob. Grilled corn was suggested, but I didn't have time or facilities on this night, so I just did it the regular way. I also added some leafy green salad, because you can never have too much green.

I didn't make the suggested dessert of lower fat banana bread, because I didn't think far enough ahead. I have made it before, but I can't find a photo of it. It's really good though!


  1. Oooooooo,that looks good! I have never made anything out of VWAV or Vcon (Not.A.Single.Thing.) because I don't know what anything looks like so nothing tempts me!
    If the books had these pictures in then I'd definitely be tempted! NOM!

  2. Nom. Nom. Nom. I haven't made the baked tofu dishes from Vcon because I got really confused with the instructions - the one I really want to make is the Tofu Benedict. But you're making a good case for the apricot bbq tofu!!

    Did I mention "nom"?

  3. Yum! I love the idea of a picnic menu, esp. for summer!

  4. What a tempting pic-a-nic basket! :)

    The potato salad is making me drool... it's very embarrasing!