Thursday, 22 January 2009

A blogging break was had...

So hi, apparently time flies when you are doing things that really were not so important and time consuming as to mean you haven't blogged for nearly three weeks! I'm not quite sure when I fell off the blog-wagon. I suspect it is because my parents went away for two weeks (yes, I am a sad gen-Y who lives at home... but there are circumstances... really... no, really) and I had the house pretty much to myself and was just really enjoying the solitude and quality time hanging out with the cats.

I have taken loads and loads of photos in the past three weeks, so need to spend some time thinking about how I want to blog them all. I have a couple of blog posts that shall post today!

But first, to make up for my unexpected slackness, I offer a Fudgy Wudgy Blueberry Brownie (from Veganomicon)...

So fudgy and wudgy! They really were very soft and moist... especially when left onthe kitchen bench at work on a hot summer day... they practically became gooey awesomeness.


  1. I missed you! I'm glad you enjoyed some 'just you and the kittehs' time though.
    The brownies are sufficient compensation for your absence ~ all is forgiven! >:o)

  2. Mmmmm brownies. These keep catching my eye, but I'm unsure of the taste combination of blueberries and chocolate. I might substitute with raspberries and make them...hmmmm...

  3. I love this brownie recipe, I would have have combined bluebrries with brownies before, yours looks yummo!

    I'm glad you had a nice break but are now back to blogging!

  4. Yes those brownies were deeee-lisshhh-ious I must say. I might have even had 3... or 4...of them :->

  5. Gooey awesomeness indeed! I'll take any food with the words Fudgy Wudgy in its name!