Monday, 5 January 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon Snoozles

Sunday afternoon on call. Quite often I just stay in the flat at the clinic all afternoon because it is really hard to relax at home with the on-call phone that can go off at any moment. However as no one was home this Sunday afternoon, I decided to brave it and go home to give the kitties their lunch and hang out with them. Success! I was able to give them both lunch and dinner before heading back to the clinic to give the kitties there their dinner. So what does one do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Well, if you are a cat, apparently this...

Dim Sim fast asleep on her favourite blankie on the sofa.

Gizmo snoring away on the carpet.

Sahara slumbering around on the foot stool.

This kitty who you see here is Possum. Possum has not had a formal introduction like my girls, but he is our family cat. A year ago I came home and turned his one cat house into a four cat house. He has been very good about it. Isn't he handsome?

I took these photos at the same point in the afternoon. All four of them were just completely bombed out, blissfully snoozing away their Sunday afternoons. How fabulous to be a kitty!

And then I got back to the clinic, went upstairs to the flat, and found this:

It is a very silly looking Shauna! Shauna is a fat Abyssinian who belongs to my boss who is currently on holidays, so she is hanging out in the flat until he comes back. She is a really sweet kitty cat.

Cats do have the life!


  1. Ohhh so adorable! Gizmo looks like my cats long lost twin- identical. And possum is very handsome. Ahh to be a cat and laze around all day...!

  2. Who wouldn't want to be a cat? They have got it so good! Adorable, the lot of them >:o)

  3. Aww, I want to bunch them all up give them a big squeeze!

  4. Haha, Sunday afternoon lazy snoozles? Mine look like that all the time!

    Awww they're all so adorable though! Makes me want to pat some heads and rub some bellies!

  5. Oh, to be a cat. What a great life!

  6. Vegetation - Yeah, pretty much it is a major daily activity for them. Sahara is snoozing right now on the very foot stool. They are the major reason for why I take afternoon naps even when I shouldn't. Who can stay awake surrounded by such blissful slumber?

  7. They all look so relaxed! Being on holidays I have noticed so much more than my girls spend allll day sleeping! They get fed in the morning then they go find a spot and snooze the day away, so cute.

  8. Shauna requires a full face belleh snorgle!! What a gorgeously cute collection of snoozing snugglepusses!