Saturday, 20 December 2008

Sydney munchies.

It has been a little while since I have been blogging, even though I seem to think of things I must blog about all the time. I blame insane working for some of it. Also, this weekend just past, I went down to the wonderful place that is Sydney! While I love my BrisVegas, I lived in Sydney for 6 years up until this last year and I miss my friends and the yummy food I could get down there.

I stayed with the lovely Leigh (ZB). We were going out to a Christmas party that afternoon, and Leigh the goddess of vegan cooking had generated masses of food in her kitchen.

We headed out to Mim's house for the Christmas party. I wish I had photos of the fabulous food, but I don't. So I shall just describe. Leigh had made for us her amazing tofu balls and a yummy tomato sauce, which we enjoyed in sub-style on bread rolls. To go with it was potato salad (with three different types of potato, including sweet potato) and a green salad of leaves, avocado and peaches in a lemony-flax oil dressing. Can you say NOM? For sweets, Leigh had outdone herself with three types of Melting Moments - chocolate, ginger and lemon. The lemon ones were my favourite. She also made chocolate cherry cheesecake, which tasted amazing!

The following day Leigh and I had a light Crunchola breakfast before strolling down King Street in Newtown, poking through some vegan cookbooks in the shops, trying to say hello to Shakespeare the cat in Books On King (but he wasn't there - boo), doing some emergency shirt buying for the silly Susan who had forgotten to pack enough clothes (hurrah for 50% off day at the Salvos) and finally settling down at Green Gourmet for my favourite - vegan yum cha!

So scrummy! Again, no photos and I can't even remember everything we ate. I do know some of it included: rice paper rolls, BBQ 'pork', 'sausage' buns, pumpkin cakes, sticky rice in bean curd skin, fried pumpkin balls, mushroom steaks and numerous steamed and friend dumplings. Oh. So. Yummy.

Afterwards the essential vegan grocery shopping one must do when one goes to Sydney. At Vegan's Choice I picked up some Blue Sheese and some Cheddar Style Cream Sheese as well as some Vegan Organica Golden Coconut & Dark Chocolate bars. Down to Dr Earth and I picked up a Cherry Pie and a Cinnamon Roll Larabar as well as some raw peppermint chocolate and a bag of Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes. I wish I could have bought so much more, but I had to fit it all in my carry on bag for the plane.

Dinner on Sunday night was leftovers from the Christmas party, before heading out to the main reason for my being in Sydney - the Kylie X 2008 concert. Totally amazing! I do love Kylie concerts a *lot*.

The next day I was heading home, and stopped off at Iku to get some lunch to take to the airport. I had one of their amazing Rice Balls. And I also tried their Laksa for the first time. It was a nice Laksa, but not particularly brilliant I must admit. Tragically, I have just found out that the main Iku kitchen is in Marrickville, where I used to live. And they welcome customers interested in seeing it. Why did I not know this then? Think all all the food I could have snaffled. Oh, cruel fate!

Then it was home to Brisbane. And on with life. But a truly fantastic weekend. I just wish I could have eaten more food.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    All of the food sounds totally 'Nom'~ probably a good job you don't have pictures or I might be more jealous than I already am >:o)

  2. Hey, hadn't realised you were a reformed — oops! — former Sydneysider. It's posts like this one that remind me of all the places I should be visiting more frequently :-)

  3. Sounds like you had an excellent time in Sydney! I have just started finding Larabars here, I love the Pecan Pie ones, yum!

  4. I'm making a flying visit to Sydney in a couple of weeks, so now I am all interested in the Green Gourmet. It all sounds fabulous!