Thursday, 15 October 2020

Midweek Munchies

Some random things...

When I was growing up, 'Tuna Glug' was a fond favourite in our household. So much so that I veganised it for MoFo one year. A while ago Mum and I made this new version of it: Baked Bean Glug! We kept things easy by layering cooked rice, spinach, creamed corn, a big tin of baked beans, frozen peas and corn, some sliced tomato, and Daiya cheddar shreads, then into the microwave it went. This was good.

Baked Bean Glug

Baked Bean Glug

I picked up this Vegglove Cake on sale one day for $4 instead of the usual $7, which I would never pay. It was OK. The top layer was sort of a gelled berry slice on top of a crumbly base. They have some other flavours, but they all seem heavy on the coconut cream, so this is the only one I tried. I'd get it again if it was on an even better sale, otherwise I wouldn't bother.

Vegglove Berry Cake

I got this on sale one day from Woolworths, a vegan gluten free pasta. It has actual vegan cheese on it, which I appreciated, and the roasted veggies and sauce were good... but oh boy that gluten free pasta. It was thick and grainy. I am sure I have had gluten free lasagne sheets before that were not like that, so they need to improve their pasta work!

Gluten Free Vegan Lasagne

This little bag of flavoured almonds came in a CFS Mystery Box ages ago, and I found it languishing in a container of stuff. I am sorry I waited so long, because they were extremely delicious. However the raspberry flavouring could have been stronger.

Shelby's Chocolate Raspberry Almonds

Fry's has come out with some newer products, though the term newer is relative because I was late to the party with these balls. They are nicely flavoured, have a crunchy little outside and are nice and soft on the inside. Would recommend.

Fry's Butternut Balls

Finally, this tin of soup! It is soup... for my family! (If you know, you know, and you will laugh with me because soup for my family will never not be funny to me.) This was a totally adequate veggie soup, that is handy to have around. I would suggest adding some nutritional yeast to it (because duh) and serving it with a toasted cheese sandwich.

Heinz can of soup... for my family
Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

This little baby was the bravest girl yesterday, she had her needle aspirate without needing any sedation! And she was so sweet when we got home, she doesn't hold grudges. No results yet, hopefully tomorrow. We'll see.


  1. The baked bean glug sounds hilarious and delicious!
    To be honest, I've tried several gluten free lasagna sheets, and they've all been the worst! I've just accepted that lasagna is not part of my life anymore!
    Brave Dim Sim. Please keep us updated!

  2. Just wanted to add that I saw your post on Instagram, and I'm so sorry. Love to you both.

  3. Yes, soup for my family! I say that all the time now when I buy soup, haha!
    Brave Dim Sim! <3

  4. I'm afraid I can only hear the American president talking about "soup for my family" and in the context of that it's not funny, but it looks like a nice can of soup to have around!

    Baked bean glug sounds delicious.