Thursday, 2 January 2020

Cruelty Free Shop December 2019 Vegan Mystery Box

For Christmas this year I got another six month subscription to the Cruelty Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box. As I am getting a new mattress for Christmas, I wasn't expecting to get another subscription as well, so it was a lovely surprise! Let's see what we got!

CFS Vegan Mystery Box December 2019

  • Freedom Choc Coated Strawberry Marshmallows: I have had these before, and they are tasty, but it was the packet of these that I opened that gave Dim Sim her noise-induced seizure, so I am a little anxious looking at it. Best thing to do will be to open the packet (far away from Dim Sim), put them in a box, and eat them quickly I think!
  • Gingerbread Christmas Tree: I like these gingerbread cookies, I've had them before (they also do cute gingerbread bunnies for Easter), so I am looking forward to enjoying this with a cup of tea.
  • Louisville Vegan Jerky Pepperoni: I am approaching this with caution, as while it doesn't say chilli in the ingredients list, it does just say 'spices' and pepperoni is normally spicy. So this may be gifted on!
  • Kewpie No Egg Mayonnaise: I love this stuff!
  • Beanies Fava Bean Snacks Lime & Chilli: Not even going near these, they say chilli, they have pictures of chilli on the packet. These will be given away.
  • So Free Chocolate Santa: This is a milk chocolate kind of chocolate, which is not what this dark bitter chocolate loving woman would choose. So it might be gifted, or it might be munched, or it might be melted down for something.
  • Well & Good Cheesy Mac Wild About Mushroom: I've blogged about trying the two other flavours of this mac and cheese with varying results of meh. I have actually already tried the mushroom one a while ago, just haven't blogged about it yet, but it is the best of the three. So glad I got this flavour of it in my box!
  • So Vegan Coconut Bite Lamington: Coconut bite? Thankfully it is all actual coconut, no coconut oil, so I think we will be good! I love to have a stash of bites, balls, and bars for emergency snacking.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim paws

Look at Dim Sim's perfect little front paws.


  1. WE are definitely on the opposite side of the chocolate debate! It's really hard to find vegan milky chocolate here in the states, at least where I live!
    Little black beans!

    1. When it is not so meltingly hot here, I will send you a bunch of sweet milky chocolates for you to enjoy!

  2. I've tried some Louisville Vegan Jerky, but I don't think I've seen the pepperoni flavor yet; I'll have to keep an eye out!
    Toe beans!

  3. I had no idea there was a vegan Kewpie mayo! I will have to try to find that one.

    1. I've seen it in a few Asian grocery stores as well (where it is much cheaper than at the vegan places), so hopefully you can find it somewhere. It is a lot of fun.