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Recipe Round Up: Vegan Yack Attack On The Go

Vegan Yack Attack On The Go is the second cookbook by Jackie Sobon. It's a fun book, with chapters designed to fit a busy lifestyle. Chapters include quick breakfasts and snacks, prep-ahead, lunch box stuffers, 30 minute meals, bulk cooking, food on the go, and staples. This is the first round-up I've done of this book, but I have posted about some recipes before. This round up includes mostly breakfast foods, from the breakfast and prep-ahead chapters.

Cheezy Chickpea Scramble: For a change of pace, this scramble uses chickpeas instead of tofu. They are sauteed with onion, nooch, greens (I used baby spinach rather than kale), mushrooms, and tomatoes. The recipe uses a smidge of black salt for that eggy flavour, and also uses aquafaba from the tin of chickpeas to help in the cooking process. I made a half recipe, and got one serve and one snack. I served it with tater tots and avocado.
Rating: :D

Cheesy Chickpea Scramble

Recovery Smoothie: As someone who does bikram yoga, I always enjoy coconut water based smoothie recipes as a fun way to rehydrate after a sweaty class. While it says it serves two, it really serves one hungry and thirsty Susan. It has frozen bananas to make it thick, some dates to sweeten (I decreased the number bit because I find dates intensely sweet), some cinnamon, and some cocoa powder (I used cacao). Also just a smidge of salt, excellent for replacing electrolytes lost from sweating on a yoga mat.
Rating: :)

Recovery Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Yoghurt Sundae: While this is in the breakfast chapter, I had this as an after lunch snack. I scaled the recipe down to make one serve based on a 150g tub of natural almond yoghurt. The recipe calls for banana, strawberries, and grapes to top it with, though I went seasonally and had bananas, papaya, and blueberries. It is then topped with a quick chocolate ganache and some salted peanuts. The recipe also suggests maple syrup, but I skipped this.
Rating: :)

Fresh Fruit Yoghurt Sundae

Green Peach Smoothie: This is a non-dairy milk based smoothie (I used oat), that packs the greens courtesy of spinach and zucchini. Frozen peaches give it a nice sweetness, and it also has some ginger and turmeric in it. The taste was okay, the zucchini was very mild, but it gave me raw zucchini tongue. This is why I don't eat zoodles. I know most people are thinking 'what is raw zucchini tongue?', but if you know, you know.
Rating: :|

Green Peach Smoothie

Overnight Chia Seed Pudding: I only have chia seed pudding for breakfast if I know I am going to be eating a decent morning tea soon. I find that they don't fill me up very long, and then all of a sudden my blood sugar crashes out and I get hangry and shaky. I made a half recipe for my snack breakfast. I found my chia seeds had clumped up in there overnight, so be sure to give it a good stir. This recipe is fairly simple, with apples added and used as topping along with pumpkin seeds.
Rating: :)

Overnight Chia Seed Pudding

Overnight Peach Pecan Oats: This is designed to eat out of jars if you are on the go, but I was not. I made a single recipe for a single serve (instead of two serves, you know I need a lot of oats to keep me full). I added the peaches and the pecans as topping in the morning, rather than the night before, as I was serving in a bowl and I wanted to keep the nuts crunchy and the peaches from going brown. I'd suggest decreasing the amount of milk called for a bit in this recipe, as I found it didn't have that nice thick texture I enjoy. You can see in the photo that there is a bit too much liquid.
Rating: :)

Overnight Peach Pecan Oats

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  1. I feel the same way about chia pudding and also oatmeal. I guess any kind of sweet breakfast just doesn't keep me full. I'm just a savory gal!
    Hi beautiful Dim Sim!!!!

    1. Oatmeal works for me but I need a lot, preferably with peanut butter in it, and I will also normally have a little bit of chia in it as well. Otherwise I just get hungry fast.

  2. The chickpea scramble sounds amazing and the sundae is so pretty!
    Hello sweet Dim Sim, you look quite serious!

  3. I totally get what you're saying, not because of zucchini, but because I get fresh spinach teeth sometimes, and I hate it.

    The recovery smoothie sounds so good! I've been gravitating a lot toward smoothies lately, but mostly I wing it and I could use some more variety because when I wing it I tend to do more or less the same things over and over, just with different fruits.