Thursday, 14 November 2019

Midweek Munchies

Coincidentally, the things I am sharing this week fall into three categories - two things spotted in supermarkets, two things celebrating berries, and two gyoza tastings. Let's get into it!

A while ago I mentioned that I had found some tasty vegan bacon bits at The Cruelty Free Shop. Well, good news, I have since spotted them in Woolworths, along with the rest of their range. The Caesar Bits are not vegan, but everything else is.

Crunchy Bits at Woolworths

I was also poking around in an IGA a while ago and saw these. I didn't buy any, because I was on my way to a physio appointment and didn't want to have fridge stuff kicking around on a hot day. Also, like almost all new vegan meaty products, they are super expensive. But if I saw them on sale, I wouldn't mind trying the chicken style sausages. Burger options abound, but I don't think I've seen any chicken style sausages in other brands.

Seen in IGA

I love strawberries, they are my favourite fruit. Also my favourite flavour. In Australia, winter is peak strawberry time. In summer, they go mouldy before you can even get them out of the shops. It was a good strawberry season this winter, and I ate a lot. I loved having them as a change from blueberries on toast with peanut butter and banana.

Peanut Butter, Banana, Strawberries on Toast

And they are wonderful chopped up on top of granola and yoghurt! Along with some blueberries as well in this bowl. Berries are the best!

Berries on Granola

Finally, some gyoza. I set out to try all lots of the different vegan versions available during the cooler months, they make a nice lunch. For these vegetable gyoza, I tried the steaming method.

Steamed Gyoza

And for these ones, I tried the pot sticker method. Both were good. Oh, and I served both of these doused in my favourite black vinegar, of course.

Potsticker Gyoza

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim Portrait

Dim Sim, being thoroughly nonchalant about her stunning portrait. Typical cat.


  1. I felt like the strawberries were particularly delicious this season too!
    I love gyoza. I haven't been able to find gluten free vegan gyoza, but maybe someday! Of course they'd probably be super expensive anyway!
    Dim Sim looks like "I can't even look at this portrait!"

    1. She refuses to acknowledge it. She is the only Dim Sim. ;)

  2. The chicken style sausages definitely sound interesting, and the gyoza look great!

    1. If I ever get those sausages I will be sure to report.

  3. I know what you mean about all the new products being so pricey! But then I hear people talking about the price of actual meat so I guess it's competitive and I have unrealistic expectations from having too much tofu and beans. Ha!

    Gyoza is SO GOOD. I wish I had a proper steamer basket for them. And strawberries! Right now it's more apple season around here and I love apples but I think strawberries might be my favorite fruit.

    1. I am lucky to have a number of Asian grocery stores around me, which is where I bought my steamer baskets.
      And yay for strawberry fans!