Thursday, 19 September 2019

Midweek Munchies

More random things that I have put in my mouth.

These vegan friendly pastry rolls would be a fun addition to a party, or in my case a fun lunch. The pastry was good, and the filling is tasty. The onion is quite strong in it though, so be prepared!

Patties Vegan Rolls

Veef is a locally made vegan beef burger, that has recently gotten into nationwide distribution in Woolworths! Hurrah! I have had them before at various places, but this was my first time making them at home. They hit the good midway point of being beefy, but without being too realistically meaty. I just made a very simple burger with some pickles and ketchup.

Veef Burger

A friend gifted me these lovely Loving Earth eggs. The inside 'caramel' was more creamy than gooey, and not too sweet, so I enjoyed them a lot.

Loving Earth Boobook Chocolate Eggs

Normally I am a straight up soy tempeh kind of woman, but I nabbed these friends on super sale from Woolworths one day. I tried them in assorted different things. They were nice, but very fragile compared to the soy tempeh. In both cases I used them as crumbles, which was good. I think if I had tried to use them as slices they would have fallen apart. I'll stick with my basic tempeh.

Organic Village Tempeh

I also got this nice little cheese and crackers snack pack on sale. The cheese has coconut oil in it, and was just on the border of a bit too much for me, so I was glad that it was only a few slices. It was also a bit on the rubbery side.

Cheese and Crackers

Remember a few months ago when Dim Sim was having a lot of UTI issues and I mentioned that she had a noise-induced seizure? That is the packet that induced that seizure. So sure, strawberry marshmallows coated in chocolate are fine. But I will never eat them again because I see them and I remember that moment. If you don't have traumatic associations with them though, go ahead, they are tasty.

Evil Strawberry Coated Marshmallow Bites

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim SIm

Dim Sim had her check up yesterday and yes, she has lost a bit of weight. But her kidney disease is stable, and her liver issues are under control. We are going to need to change the dose of her thyroid medication a bit (which could help with the weight loss), but overall good and my boss (her vet) said that she looked good for her age on her exam.


  1. I like burgers just like you described, a little beefy but too much so.
    And anytime I can find vegan caramel I'm a happy girl!!
    I love this picture of Dim Sim, she is such a gorgeous gal!!!!

    1. She is so cute.
      Personally I am not a caramel fan in general, but there seems to be heaps of vegan caramel around lately!

  2. I didn't know you could make tempeh out of anything but soy! Wow!

    Your description matches why I prefer Gardein beefless burgers to the more-realistic Beyond Burger--aside from the costs (yikes! Those babies are pricey!), I also just find the texture of the too-realistic burgers weird these days.

    1. It seems strange. But I guess you can just ferment any other beans in a similar fashion to get something like tempeh?

  3. The pastry rolls sound fun!
    I'm glad Dim Sim's check up went well! <3