Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Eating Out: 5 Dogs

5 Dogs is a vegan-friendly hot dog place that has been in the Valley for years, however recently opened up a sit down restaurant in Mount Gravatt. This is quite close to me, and to one of our clinics. I had driven passed several times with lunch plans, but there was never any parking so I kept on going. But I finally got in there for dinner one night. A short post, as there are just a few vegan options on the menu and my friend and I both ordered the same thing.

We both ordered the Vegan Kielbasa Hot Dog, I got mine with caramelised onions and kraut as well as ketchup and mustard. They also have a vegan beer brat, though with the same topping options. It was fine. I am assuming they use Tofurky sausages, which I do like.

Vegan Kielbasa at Five Dogs

We also each got a side of the Vegan Poutine, which I was particularly excited about. Again, it was fine. Very salty. And because it was served in a tall box, the gravy just made the top chips very soggy while the bottom chips remained untouched. They put some sort of grated cheese under the gravy, so it got slightly melty.

Vegan Poutine at Five Dogs

So overall, it was fine. I wouldn't rush to go there again, especially given the pain in parking in the Mt Gravatt location. And if I am in the Valley, there are much more exciting places to eat that I would rather go.

5 Dogs Mt Gravatt - Shop C/1303 Logan Rd, Mount Gravatt QLD

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Dim Sim is going in tomorrow for a check up. She gets her bloods checked regularly, but I am a bit worried this time because she has lost some weight. Please send good thoughts!


  1. Fingers crossed for Dim Sim. Frankly the Ikea shopping afterwards was much better than 5 dogs.

  2. Sending lots of good thoughts to you & Dim Sim. <3

  3. Dim Sim is certainly in my thoughts! Sending positive thoughts, vibes, prayers your way!

  4. Too bad about the hot dog place. I never had poutine, vegan or otherwise, but it is supposed to be so great and it sounds like yours just wasn't.

    Best to you and Dim Sum.

    1. I've had a few poutines in my time, and they definitely can vary. But this was just a very poor attempt.