Monday, 8 July 2019

Eating Out: Greenhouse Canteen

Greenhouse Canteen is one of my favourite spots for dinner in Brisbane. They have three locations, two on the Gold Coast and one in Brisbane, so of course the Brisbane one is my spot of choice. I've only been a few times, but each time has been outstanding. You can see my previous visits here. For this post, I went out to dinner there with a couple of friends to try out their new menu (which is about to change again I think).

I almost always get a ginger kombucha when I am there. It is nice and dry and not too fizzy or sweet.

Ginger Kombucha at Greenhouse Canteen

We shared a couple of starters. Firstly, the Stuffed Zucchini Flower, filled with almond feta and served with spinach puree, pickled onion, and dukkah. This is hard to share, because there it only one!

Stuffed Zucchini Flower

We also shared the Cauliflower Wings. I love these because instead of being buffalo spicy, they are coated in a delicious smoky relish. Served with ranch still, of course.

Cauliflower Wings at Greenhouse Canteen

One of my friends had the Mac and Cheese, which is a lovely creamy cauliflower sauce with smoked mushrooms, cashew parmesan, and kale. I've had this and it is really nice.

Mac and Cheese at Greenhouse Canteen

My other friend had the Beetroot Burger, a towering meal. The 'bun' is made out of large tempura mushrooms, and it is filled with a beetroot and black bean patty, cashew brie, caramelised onions, sweet potato crisps, and crispy kale. I haven't had this one before, but everyone who tries it says it is amazing.

Beetroot Burger

I was excited to try the Eggplant Parmigiana, a massive slab of baked breaded eggplant topped with napoli sauce, cashew brie, and cashew parmesan. Served with sweet potato fries (and aioli for dipping) and a salad. This was delicious and huge and so filling. The only downside was the salad, which was a bit dry and was mostly large pieces of some sort of spiky lettuce blend. But to parma itself was amazing!

Eggplant Parmigiana at Greenhouse Canteen

Although out tummies were pretty full, we had to split some dessert. For research and science! We shared the Chocolate Brownie with Pandan Cashew Cream. The brownie was warm and fudgy and delicious. The cashew cream was nice, though I couldn't taste much in the way of pandan so it seemed to be mostly used for colour. Oh, Greenhouse and Flora are owned by the same people, so you will notice that Greenhouse too puts a pea sprout garnish on everything. Even the brownie. It amuses me.

Brownie with Pandan Cashew Cream at Greenhouse Canteen

I am definitely looking forward to going back again sometime, they are now open for lunch on Friday and Saturday. Everything I have been here has always been a great experience.

Greenhouse Canteen and Bar Brisbane - 68 Manning Street, Brisbane - 3724 2761

Cute Kitty Picture of the Post

Kittens in a bag

Following on from Kittens In A Basket, I present to you Kittens In A Bag! Panko (ginger) and Atom (grey) are the last two of our kittens still looking for a home. They are very cute, and full of kitten energy and mischief!


  1. I love stuffed zucchini flowers!
    Everything looks really beautiful and delicious!!
    Kittens in a bag!! They are so freaking cute!!

    1. I've only had stuffed zucchini flowers a few times... possibly all from Greenhouse! I hardly ever see them fresh so I haven't ever tried making them myself.

  2. OMG kitties in a bag! How cute, that's what I needed today! The food all looks so incredible. I've never had zucchini flowers but it looks beautiful and sounds delicious. The eggplant parm sounds and looks so good!

    1. I'm glad the kitties helped your day. :) Kitties are wonderful.

  3. Everything sounds so good! The burger looks particularly impressive, but I feel like I'd have to take it apart in order to eat it, haha!
    Cute little kittens in a bag!

    1. Oh yeah, you have to deconstruct that burger before you can even thing about eating it. It is a precarious tower of ingredients.