Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Eating Out: Yavanna (savoury edition)

Yavanna opened earlier this year to a lot of buzz. All vegan, the focus is heavy on mock meaty and cheesy creations, with a pretty amazing selection of baked goods to boot as well as a full vegan bar. Despite it being only a five minute walk from my work, I've only been to eat there a handful of times. But the general acclaim on the vegan scene is good, and it gets super busy! The menu has changed a few times, and they also have fortnightly specials as well.

The first time I went was for lunch, and I was feeling like something a bit lighter. Lighter can be hard to find at Yavanna! I settled on the Brinner Omelet (with mushrooms, spinach, tomato, onion, and cheese... served with a side of tater tots and some guacamole), and some garlicky greens. There wasn't much mushroom or spinach in the omelet, and it could have been cheesier, but it was pretty tasty and a good texture. The garlicky greens were lovely, though a little bit on the oily side.

Brinner at Yavanna

Garlic Greens at Yavanna

This one time, I discovered on the Saturday morning of my weekend off that I had left my laptop charger cable at work. This was my old laptop, that wouldn't work without being plugged into the wall. So to make the trip in to work to get it seem more justified, I stopped in for breakfast at Yavanna. It was a cool day, so a turmeric latte was definitely on the cards. I am happy to report theirs is good!

Turmeric Latte at Yavanna

I ordered the Bacon Toasted Sandwich, with a side of tater tots. The side ended up being a whole bowl! This was a yummy and pretty filling and decadent breakfast! Yavanna will never leave you hungry.

Bacon Sandwich and Tater Tots at Yavanna

Another lunch visit, they had a fortnightly special that was a burrito filled with mac and cheese, chicken parm, and fries. Of course I had to go there! It was so good, they crisped the burrito wrap up perfectly! Alas, that red smear you see there was capsicum based, so I gave it a wide berth. If I'd thought ahead, I would have asked for BBQ sauce instead. This was a pretty fun special!

2018-11-01 12.12.17

In very important news, Yavanna does milkshakes. And while coconut ice cream is their default, they often have soy ice cream for people like me! I have enjoyed two soy strawberry milkshakes there. Always strawberry, as that is the best flavour. Once they didn;t have soy ice cream, so they made me a strawberry milk with a reduced cost.

Strawberry Milkshake at Yavanna

Not long ago, I popped in for lunch to try their special - the Halal Snack Pack. This was chips with gyros 'meat' slices, cheese sauce, sour cream, and sweet chilli sauce. But I had them sub the sweet chilli for BBQ sauce, which was excellent.

HSP at Yavanna

If you are wondering more about their delicious baked goods, stay tuned for the next post!

Yavanna - 9/2 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, QLD

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

I little break from kittens for my sweet baby girl. She was a bit off yesterday morning, had some vomiting and not eating. It was stressful being at work away from her, but when I got home it looked like she had a UTI. Waiting for culture results from the lab, but have started her on some antibiotics in the meantime and she seems better. I don't like it when she is not well, we had all good results only two weeks ago with her senior check!


  1. I agree with you about strawberry milkshakes, with banana being a very close second.
    Poor Dim Sim, we have all our fingers an paws crossed for her.

    1. Thank you! She seems to be doing quite well at the moment. Results back this afternoon to see about what antibiotic she'll need to be on for the next four weeks.

  2. I have to say I love a strawberry milkshake. It has been a LOOONG while though.

    1. Strawberry is the best. I now have three places that I can go for a good strawberry milkshake that isn't full of coconut fat!

  3. Everything looks fantastic, but I think I'd have to go for the strawberry milkshake first because it's been so long since I've had a milkshake!
    Poor Dim Sim; I hope she's feeling better!

    1. Everyone is into the milkshakes! These aren't even the best milkshakes in town. I'll be doing another post soon of a newer place that has the best milkshakes!