Thursday, 21 February 2019

Eating Out: Tamm Ha Tamm

I'd known about French crepe cafe Tamm Ha Tamm for a while, though it didn't pop up too frequently on the vegan web so I forgot about it. Not a vegan place, but I had heard it had some vegan options. But I had to go and pick up some medication I get compounded for Dim Sim from a pharmacy that happened to be right next to it, so it seemed like a good chance to try it out.

The menu they gave me varied a bit from the one online. For a start, the menu I saw had three vegan options for the savoury crepes. I picked out The Broceliande, which had garlic vegetal butter, sauteed mushrooms, fresh spinach, and balsamic fig glaze.

The Broceliande at Tamm Ha Tamm

A lot of the sweet crepe options can be made vegan, though instead of the regular crepes they use the same buckwheat crepe for the vegan ones that they use for the savoury crepes. So they are a bit sturdier than what you think of as crepes, but still good. I went for the classic, lemon and sugar, though they also have fruity options and a vegan chocolate sauce.

Lemon Sugar Sweet Crepe at Tamm Ha Tamm

They also make some baked vegan goods - they called them cupcakes, but they are really muffins. They use different flours in each of them, and the flavours come from essential oils. One was an orange muffin made with green lentil flour, which was a bit heavy and the essential oil had a definite flavour to it that made me think of aromatherapy. I'd prefer regular orange essence. And regular flour! The other was a Cinnamon muffin with buckwheat flour, which was my favourite.

Orange Lentil Flour and Cinnamon Buckwheat Flour Muffins at Tamm Ha Tamm

Tamm Ha Tamm - 1/830 Old Cleveland Road - Carina - (07) 3195 8670

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Mumma Cat

All those kittens had one great mumma. This is her! The two gingers were hers, and the took on the six greys as well. Her name is Pippi, and she is now up for adoption, as are the kittens. She is a very sweet little girl, so I hope someone will take her soon for her forever home. Mumma cats often get overlooked for their kittens, but older cats have a lot of love to give!


  1. I've never ha a crepe! I feel so uncivilized! A muffin made with lentil flour and essential oils doesn't sound very good at all!!
    OMG I love her beautiful face!! If I could I would take her in a second!!!

    1. Yeah, they need to work on their vegan baking skills. Or order in some cupcakes for their cabinet made by one of the many vegan cupcake suppliers in Brisbane.